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User xThisDude

Fluttershy from MLP:FiM (Skin head not updated? :o)

Known as xThisDude, Dude
Gender Unknown
DOB 8 5
Occupation 8th Grade Student
In Freedonia
First joined February 5th, 2011
First building Man-Cave sticking out of Chiv's Spawn tunnel
Donor level ***** Diamond
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xThisDude first joined February 5th, 2011. He tends to be shy IRL, but here at MCO, where no one really knows him, he says whatever is spinning in his head. Currently not an active player, but he tries to fight procrastination, which has been keeping him held back.


xThisDude's creations aren't very well known, with the exception of the warp Watershire. A bit dissapointed that it became abandoned, he moved away from the warp to the former DubstepPlaza warp. A few of his creations are MC Zombies, (Located in WaterShire, Now demolished [for the lulz]) A ChivalrousWeasel Face Panel (he's really proud of that junk), and some other small projects.


xThisDude likes to "derp" around in and out of MinecraftOnline. Screaming into his mic on Teamspeak Ponies (don't hate brah)

Likes to annoy and poke moderators Nodoka_Miyazaki, TheMightyCheeze, and Winx51. (Rayzion's been a bad boi)


"No me gusta el greifers, el spammers, and le hashtag twitter peeps"

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