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User Zomon333

An appropriately reskinned steve.

Known as Zomon, Zom, Nom
Gender Male
Location United States of America
Nationality American, Nom
DOB 15 October 1999
Occupation Student, Programmer & Project Designer/Manager at Z.A.N.G.
In Freedonia
First joined 03 February, 2013, at 10:53 P.M.
First building Random wood hut xArches yelled at him for building
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
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  • Redstone
  • Craftbook
  • Computer Science
    • Programming in C# & Python
    • Web Design in HTML
    • Video Game Development for Z.A.N.G.
  • Mossy Cobble, Snow, Glowstone, Stone Brick, etc.
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Diplomacy
  • Patterns
  • Trading
  • Constructing infrastructure
  • Boats
  • Eggs
  • Terraforming


  • Ignorant people
  • Arrogant people
  • Unknowledgeable people
  • Grief
  • Block lag


Nom's Demesne

A large opulent complex of public farms, generators, and various other things.

Tal Rasha's Tomb

A recreation of the Diablo 2, act 2, boss fight arena.

Tiny Town

Tiny town is a town meant for size-limited houses.

New Rules Hall

This is a build in progress, that might not actually be used.

Vault 288

A fallout style vault full of nonsense and goodies.


  • Aided Anna_28 in the movement of a fireball into Batugus Labs
  • Became a moderator on May 2nd of 2015.
  • Has donated to the server four times, won Gold donator in a competition.
  • Has constructed the tallest practical tower within a considerable range of North Nexus.
  • Other things...


  • Makes no logic whatsoever.
  • Says Nom as a greeting.
  • Speaks French or Spanish

Other random stuff:

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