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User Zomon333
Known as Zomon, Zom, Nom
Gender Male
Location United States of America
Nationality American, Nom
DOB 15 October 1999
Occupation Student, Programmer & Project Designer/Manager at Z.A.N.G.
In Freedonia
First joined 03 February, 2013, at 10:53 P.M.
First building Random wood hut xArches yelled at him for building
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
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The name "Zomon333" was the first username Zomon made for the first legitimate video game he played, which was Diablo II. Zomon has stayed relatively faithful to his name. Zomon never achieved "Slayer" status in Diablo II with this character. Therefore, any nether fortresses Zomon makes have some sort of name relative to "Slayer Zeranel" the only character he has beaten the game with.


Zomon enjoys Redstone and Craftbook.

Building random stuff.

Secret Rooms.

Mossy Cobble & Snow

Speaking in foreign languagues.


Fire, Lava, Blood, and all the evil things. "אני אוהב שטן"





People who don't listen.

People calling him Zoman

People who can't take advice.

Players that gloat.

44Trent_(Insert A Number)


Zomon is currently working on a number of megabuilds / projects. One of the earliest being his giant farm tower made of cobblestone easily visible out of the North Nexus.

Farm Tower (87%) (Not Abandoned, Barely in use)

Giant Pit of Doom (7%) (Abandoned)

Black Mesa with SpeedSter / hellyarbm (3%) (Abandoned)

His own base (-1%)

An Abstract statue of Rufas (100%?)

Tal Rasha's Tombs... (He's been working on this for a while but forgot to add it )(33%)

Nom's Tower (90% , 100% Structurally completed. )


Hidden a bunch of lambda caches. There IS NOT the same amount as what you will find in HL 1, 2 or 3.

Basically nothing goes here. Zomon managed to get moderator status somehow (2 May 2015) . He's donated to the server. He has a lot of junk he gets rid of by giving to new players.


Since when does he have these?!?!?!


Project Cerberus , A closed redstone group

An Unnamed Group , Yea pretty much it. That's the description right there. Literally just Zomon333 and 4 or 5 people he dragged on the server with him.


Accidentally stays in TS. Needs to constantly relog. Makes no logic whatsoever. Gives armors to new players.

Other random stuff:

On the annoying scale, Zomon333 is a Giraffe.

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