Andromeda Ascendant

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Building The Andromeda Ascendant
Owner Bishop456
Category Ships
Underground? No
Started Unknown
Coordinates X=-3084
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Autumnwood
Map link
The map view of the ship on 19 October 2011


The Andromeda Ascendant (Registry Designation: Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA 112, serial number XMC-10-284) was the central flagship of both the Systems Commonwealth and New Systems Commonwealth and one of the last surviving Glorious Heritage class ships after the fall of the Long Night of the Commonwealth. Regarded as one of the most powerful ships in the known galaxies, she is one of the most recognizable ships, even achieving a near mythic status after The Fall.

The Build

This mega project is being built by Bishop456 off to the North West of spawn.

Additional Images

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