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Rome was not built in one day - Richard Taverner

"Megaproject" is a colloquial term for any construction project, usually buildings, the scale of which is considerably beyond the norm of player constructions. Megaprojects may be referred to as such for their sheer size, or the complexity, planning and difficulty involved in constructing them, or the challenge of obtaining rare materials for their construction. All megaprojects share one trait in common - they take a very long time to build, and may require contribution by many individuals.

Notable megaprojects

What counts as a megaproject is highly subjective. Some buildings that may have been considered megaprojects earlier on in Freedonia's history (such as Pyramid)) may now seem run-of-the-mill, as construction techniques improve, and large-scale collaboration becomes easier to organise.

The below list is by no means intended to be exhaustive or complete. Contributors are encouraged to expand it as appropriate.

Planned or In-progress Megaprojects

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