Aryina City Government HQ

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Building Aryina City Government HQ

View from top of Aryina City Sports Center

Owner icooliam
Contributors Enjoku, samyboyz
Category Complexes
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 18th November 2014
Completed 23rd November 2014
Size north to south 12m
Size west to east 12m
Height 51m
Coordinates X=1645
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp HellFireForge
Map link

The Aryina City Government HQ (originally intended to be ABC Rail Network's head offices) is a skyscraper located near Aryina City Sports Center in Aryina City. The HQ is the official building for Aryina City's government, and is where staff working for Aryina City will stay. The building was originally planned to be the head offices for ABC Rail Network but the plans were changed. Up until the construction of this building, Aryina City Government were located in a small apartment in NGQ Apartments Tower 1 however there was not much space and the city was expanding and needed a new location for the staff of Aryina City Government.

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