Bridge Builders United

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Organisations Bridge Builder United
Leadership thesprazzler
Headquarters Unknown
Founded 12 July 2012
Public? No

Who, Why, How, What and When?

  • Bridge Builders United is an organisation started by thesprazzler. It was formed as thesprazzler has always loved making bridges, but thought that it's not a solitary act. He wants other bridge lovers to get together, and build amazing things, but never go lonely. thesprazzler had been thinking of making a bridge organisation for a long time, but could only be arsed to do so when the server crashed multiple times on the 12 of July, 2012. So, as they say, from one persons misfortune, comes another's urrr... happiness? (I forget :S)

So... Anyway

  • What? You want to join? Well ok then...
  • When (not if) you want to join, ask Sprazz in game, and you will be put through an intense initiation process. Ok, not that intense. But seriously, do it.


BBU is probably going to be dissolved after TheDarkrai85 decided to start a building group which thesprazzler will join.

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