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User thesprazzler

Custom Purple Samurai

Known as sprazz
Gender Male
Location London
Nationality English
DOB 13 April 1998
Occupation Engineering Student
In Freedonia
First joined 19 August 2011
First building A Little House On An Island Outside Watershire
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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 "um tech" - thesprazzler after being accidentally banned by tindwcel
 "sick ban me" - The_Epic2000
 "All right then" - thesprazzler The_Epic2000 was hit by the banhammer!
 "私が何を言っているのか知っていますか?" - NHC_THK
 "fuck off with that chinky shit" - thesprazzler
 "that is JAPANESE!" - NHC_THK


Who Is He?

  • thesprazzler is a player, who always starts something big, but never end up finishing it. He personally describes himself as having "good intentions". He travels around the map, regularly changing his sethome, whilst starting new projects all over the place.
  • He has had a long-ish history on MCO, roaming the map whilst hanging out with an ever growing group of friends. The originals where some of his real life friends, namely Reseres and TomWithAGun. This group soon expanded including people such as Ellen124, Machines_Are_Us, Ted1246, Madjock999 and MrLampMan12. When his sister crystalriver started playing in around September 2011, he had been welcomed into society. Later on, this group gradually grew, including many of the names you will see below.
 One of the weirder moments between Sprazz and Ellen Ellen124 - "a" thesprazzler - "a" Ellen124 - "å" thesprazzler - "ä"

So What Are These Projects?

  • (Arranged in order of size, coolness and what ever came into his head first)

Okina Hashi

  • This is a huge sandstone and cobble bridge, which came into existance after repeated badgering from Simmuel. In Simmuel's ambitious attempt to build a large path and rail right the way from Newlands, to Kurai Cho. When he reached around 300m from the warp point, he gave control over to Sprazz. Progress soon ground to a halt. Still, the bridge still has a certain awe factor, even in its unfinished state; we can only imagine the grandeur of what it may actually look like when finished...
  • Building it at the strange angle of 45 degrees, (almost unknown in minecraft), Sprazz's brain was soon turned to sludge.
  • Featured on MCO facebook page and received 750 likes.

Sprazz's Valley On StromIsle

  • Around November 2011, Sprazz found a new friend in the large MCO community; stromhurst. After getting to know him well, and travelling round with him, Strom invited Sprazz to build on his island: StromIsle. After many, many days of dilly-dallying around searching for that perfect valley, together they eventually decided on one to the west of the island, near Bubbaville.

Sagi no Shiro

  • An awesome Japanese castle outside Kurai Cho built with theschlozmeister as thesprazzler is way to lazy to build something by himself and likes to have someone around to do the menial tasks for him.
  • Due to the scale of the build a prototype was built in singleplayer first, which lead to huge numbers of problems whilst copying it over.
  • Featured on MCO facebook page and received over 500 likes and many bewildered comments.

The Temple of The Sun

  • Over 5 players have been banned for breaking the gold block on the floor of the temple.

Suge Gaztelua

  • Also featured on MCO facebook page and received over 200 likes.

Three Biomes Divide

  • An interestingly styled settlement based on the area "Three Horns Divide" from Borderlands 2.
  • Also made a map of the settlement.

Silver Keep

  • Individual buildings given to players to decorate.
  • Now houses large horse population thanks to multiple treks all the way from Spawn.


  • thesprazzler sometimes makes skins. He's made skins for himself, crystalriver, Jigoku_Samurai and theschlozmeister. If you ask nicely he may even make one for you (but he's best at samurai skins, so keep that in mind).


Following in nosefish's footsteps, thesprazzler has taken to mapping parts of the server in Inkscape. So far he has mapped Three Biomes Divide (map), San Freedonia (map), and the entirety of the Freedonia Railway System (map), with the help of theschlozmeister.

Some Ones I Cba To Do Properly

And Some Picture of the Projects/Builds


  • On the 13th of April (his and riot's birthday) thesprazzler was modded along with crystalriver, TEllins, TheDarkrai85 and Excalibur_NUMNUM for their dedication to the server. For about 5 seconds, his name appeared red in chat. Some thought the unthinkable. However, twas not to be. SlowRiot just got the colour code wrong. He got his first ban three days later on the 16th ( krusaa_007). He now wields his purple and obsidian ban-hammer with justice, not having seen the incredible amount, and effect, of grief before his modding.


  • This line was thesprazzler's 500th wiki edit. Proof. (I'm coming for ya nose...)
  • thesprazzler recently reached 1500 hours, 500 wiki edits, +100 reputation and was modded. He now feels complete. :D
  • On 8/11/2013 he was accidentally banned by tindwcel. It was pretty funny.
  • This line was thesprazzler's 1000th wiki edit! Proof.
  • This line was nearly thesprazzler's 1500th wiki edit (but he missed it :( )

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