Brookers Systems Inc

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Organisations Brookers Systems Inc
Headquarters Brookers Systems Inc Office
Founded July 1995
Public? yes

The Brookers Systems Inc, opened at 1995 by the Mr. Brooker. Over the 39 years of this company it was sold to many incorporations as IBM, SunMicrosystems, Oracle. But in 2034 they finally, got independent. In 2040 they invented the long living machine so they could work forever to make new inventions for all the world. All was good until the 2400 when war of the world started. The company was literary destroying under the attacks of angry people from all the sides. In 2500 all war came to so point, so the world send nuke bombs on each other. Everything was destroyed... but not all things. Office of Brookers Systems Inc stayed under the earth protection, so it didn't damaged to much, so it stayed as it is for 500 years until it got discovered by the new settlers.....

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