Chimera Tower

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Building Chimera Tower

View of the tower from the wall of Glenfiddich

Owner SlowRiot and Edessa
Category Towers
Underground? No
Public? No
Started 20 Sep 2011
Completed 20 Sep 2011
Size north to south 12m
Size west to east 12m
Height 55m
Coordinates X=375
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Glenfiddich
Map link andreydio must be regretting asking SlowRiot for one of his famous towers to be built in Glenfiddich - for no one could be prepared for the bizzare experimental construction that would rise from the ground.



Constructed at andreydio's request, this is part of a series of "Riot's Towers", this time a collaborative effort between SlowRiot and Edessa. Originally planned to be built of obsidian and white wool, it was later redesigned with a more subtle grey and white wool motif.


The vertical split represents the dual-nature of the human spirit, animus and anima in the Jungian sense. It is open to conjecture which side is the masculine and which the feminine, each carrying facets of the other in different modes of expression.

The tower is topped with a wool sphere in four shades of grey, shaded as if it is lit from the north-west; this is circled by a saturnine ring, which is lit in the inverse pattern, producing strong contrast against the sphere and the rest of the tower from any viewing angle. In this way Chimera Tower differs greatly from the rest of the series, as it differs in appearance greatly depending on the angle of view, whereas most of the remainder of the towers are symmetrical about at least two axes (with the exception of Black Tower).


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