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Building Ferris

a gif of progress from Dec 2016 to March 2018

Owner getplayerhead.sh?AyeMockingBird&16.png AyeMockingBird
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?alspal&16.png alspal, getplayerhead.sh?Ben_105&16.png Ben_105, and getplayerhead.sh?ItzReeceSmith&16.png ItzReeceSmith, getplayerhead.sh?Excalibur_NUMNUM&16.png Excalibur_NUMNUM, getplayerhead.sh?PoppySeedMuffins&16.png PoppySeedMuffins
Category Pixel Art
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 25 December 2016
Size north to south 600m
Size west to east 426m
Height 1m
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Gardopolis
Please contribute the coordinates of this building.

One night, getplayerhead.sh?AyeMockingBird&16.png AyeMockingBird made a mistake. Aye became obsessed and decided to make some huge pixel art. Plans were set in motion. It may never be completed.



95% hand placed by getplayerhead.sh?AyeMockingBird&16.png AyeMockingBird(5% by craftbook bridges).

All snow came from the snowmaker at Phoenix Isles.

Blocks That Were Used

  • Snow Blocks: 99,607
  • Iron Blocks: 24,710
  • White Wool: 24,475
  • Pink Wool: 17,937
  • White Stained Clay: 10,786
  • Magenta Stained Clay: 7,482
  • Blue Stained Clay: 7,275
  • Light Blue Wool: 7,213
  • Oak Wood Planks: 6,872
  • Birch Wood Planks: 6,026
  • Pink Stained Clay: 5,975
  • Black Wool: 4,426
  • Stone Slab: 3,954
  • Purple Stained Clay: 3,887
  • Red Wool: 2,992
  • Gray Stained Clay: 2,709
  • Jungle Wood Planks: 2,604
  • Magenta Wool: 1,995
  • Hardened Clay: 1,712
  • Sandstone: 1,571
  • Light Gray Wool: 1,335
  • Light Blue Stained Clay: 1,186
  • Stone: 1,048
  • Light Gray Stained Clay: 1,003
  • Blue Wool: 1,001

Under 1,000

Orange wool, purple wool, brown stained clay, dirt, cyan wool, cyan stained clay, red stained clay, stone bricks, gray wool, brown wool, lime wool, spruce wood planks, black stained clay, cobblestone, oak wood, orange stained clay, gold block, yellow wool, green stained clay, lime stained clay.

Thank you to those who helped get resources:

Info on pixel art



Image Source



Resources have been collected. Almost done, hopefully will be finished by the end of 2018.


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