Giant Penis

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Building Giant Penis
Owner Public Structure
Contributors Shintyx, shypixel, Edessa, Tank_AUT
Category Statues
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 25/09/2011
Completed 26/09/2011
Coordinates X=5243
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Jimmyville
Map link

"Who wants to help me build a giant penis?" ryanpbny This building appears to have since been demolished, and the wool perhaps repurposed for another structure at the same site.

Built as a jokey revenge for the building of a competing ice pigchinko at Jimmyville, the Giant Penis is a monument to poor taste.

With two hairy balls, an angry red helmet and numerous fungal infections - the penis delivers its contents onto the unwitting face of jimmyd93.

A similar penis was erected (pardon the pun) in Emucraft, but with a classy 'walk through' feature.

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