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Organisations Glade Nights Hotel

A Glade Nights hotel, Acacia Glade - under Construction

Leadership Mystila
Headquarters Acacia Glade
Founded 23 December 2016
Public? Yes

Glade Nights

Glade Nights is a new hotel / inn chain created by Mystila and is situated in a number of cities and villages around Freedonia. The organisation headquarters is based in Acacia Glade joined to the first Hotel build in the chain. Recently Glade Nights was introduced in Birchwood and took over the original Sleepy Hollow Hotel based in the station mall.

Where to find us

Acacia Glade - Hotel, with bar and observation floor, New for 2018 this hotel includes a pool! . This is Glade Nights first proper hotel that opened in February 2017. Birchwood - Formerly known as Sleepy Hollow Hotel. The take over was completed in December 2016 and features a few design changes. New Louisville - Glade Nights Inn, under construction with 4 visitor rooms.

More coming soon!

Development Photos

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