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Settlement Acacia Glade

A Render for Acacia Glade May 2018.

Founder Mystila
Category Villages
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes, Free build zones (and surrounding areas)
Road link? Yes Acacia Roads
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes Acacia Glade Railway
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-3607
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link


Welcome to Acacia Glade!

Acacia Glade is a player grown forest of Acacia trees with aim is to bring players down into a sheltered area with plenty of building materials in the new lands that have appeared during the 1.7 Southern Expansion. Development started on the 28th October 2014 by Mystila, who travelled all the way from Birchwood. Warped to spawn, and began a VERY LONG RUN down to the south, before realising that Vizima was close to the border... A big, F**K SAKE moment. Acacia is a continuing project with new connections coming soon to nearby villages and player settlements! A connection to Acacia Roads is planned which has been built by SlowRiot and other members of the MCO community.

Big Changes coming to Acacia Glade! Summer 2018

  • Deconstruction of Acacia Glade Garrison - In progress
  • New group "Search for Aquaria" - Coming soon
  • New Free build zones - Some available now, message Mystila!
  • Massive area expansion - Check the Map, its still ongoing!
  • Acacia Glade Railway station improvements and changes. New entrance open soon, lighting, floors, steps and ease of access
  • and lots more to come! Just too many to list!

A changing face in Acacia Glade...:

A new 2018 Acacia Glade Project has been started by Mystila

We are now expanding in all directions! A new public builds area is now under construction to the North of the Acacia Glade Railway station. This also includes an extention (or Ring road) of the "LD95 Highway" which winds its way through the heart of Acacia Glade. The new "Stables" has now been completely overtaken and rebuilt and will form a new "Acacia Glade Lodge" and will most likely replace the old and tired looking Garrison in months to come! Its nearly 4 years of Acacia Glade and its just about to get busy... So many new projects to do!

Acacia Glade Projects

Current settlement projects are;

  • Upgrading the main Garrison building - In progress
  • Connecting to the Acacia Roads network - Complete
  • Filling out the island with Acacia Trees (Saplings required!) Ongoing project
  • Building a Dock for the new boat route connection - Complete
  • Adding a stable - and accommodations for Horses - Now the new welcome lodge
  • Creating Birchwood Quarter, Mystila's original city build. - Postponed
  • Allowing others to build city Embassies! - Step right up! looking for players to get involved!
  • Creating a Local Lynx line for short trips to builds around Acacia Glade and nearby villages!

As part of bringing new players to the next expansion Islands, Acacia Glade has Greatly expanded with the help from LewisD95 Bringing farms to life and assisting with rail developments. A new "Ringroad" highway is in place that will join Acacia Roads to a main branch of Acacia Glade. This passes a new "Hotel" Namely Glade Nights A small multi "Themed" hotel for new players to take a rest, as well as a lovely view over Acacia Glade. Next up is Birchwood Quarter. Bringing Mystila's Original home... Home! Projects continue to unfold and gain momentum throughout Acacia Glade and the Southern FRS network. Keep your eyes peeled!

Home of the Explorer's League

Mystila has begun a new Organisation called the Explorer's League, A group of adventurers who just love to explore. And with new lands opening up, it was a great idea. Plenty of Villages and monuments have sprung up in these new lands, dark and deep caverns opened up aswell. Plenty of treasures to find! More information on the Explorer's League coming soon.

A few Screenshots

Acacia Glade Station

Currently undergoing upgrade and is home to the Acacia Glade Railway Station Headquarters. Once completed it'll have 3 lines which are to be connected to other users towns and a Main line to the Freedonia Railway System to connect the South Border to the rest of the rail network.
Work is progressing on the station extention which includes a nexus warp 'Maybe?' and horse access.

Acacia Glade Station features:

  • 3 Platforms, including a Freedonia Railway System connection! Now Open!
  • A shopping level with a number of shops being set up
  • A link to the Nether - Return link is in need of a rail connection!
  • A possible nexus link coming soon!

The Red Line

  • The Village of Ponn
  • The Lost temple
  • The Sandstone Tower Hospitality, gardens and respite area.
  • Route passes "Al'un" NPC Village
  • Route is connected to the Acacia Road International
  • New Progress on a Local Lynx service, passing through a number of Acacia Glade attractions and branching to a number of villages nearby.

The Cyan Line

  • Possible connection to Rustville or other local landmarks.
  • Mount Nyan - with connection to Acacia Glade 's main station. You can now travel from Explorer's League island to Acacia Glade via Mount Nyan - the Return route is now complete!, Enjoy the sites and quick travel both ways!
  • Explorer's league island, with new FRS branchline!

The Occidental Line - New for Oct/Nov 2016

New for 2018

Phase 4 has begun! The roof is on and its now time to expand downwards. The expansion includes a shopping district, Fountains and more! The Cyan line is being extended north and connecting new building zones!

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