Glenfiddich Craftbook Park

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Building Glenfiddich Craftbook Park

Traffic lights circuitry

Owner nosefish
Contributors bubba_basti
Category Attractions
Public? Yes
Started 21 February 2012
Coordinates X=320
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Glenfiddich
Map link

This lush park on an island behind Glenfiddich Harbour will feature a plethora of common craftbook and redstone constructions, like cobble generators, tree harvesters, and ShyLights, with all their circuits exposed to serve as examples for the aspiring student of craftbook. All exhibits will have accompanying tutorials on this wiki. Visitors are encouraged to actively explore the area and play around with the exhibits.

Planned structure

  • One main path displaying complete craftbook/redstone builds.
Done so far:
    • Cobble Generator
    • Tree harvester
    • ShyLight system
    • Storage cart crafting
    • Traffic lights
    • Chest collector experiment
    • Chicken Grill
  • Branches to themed areas, including:
    • Useful modules - controlling pulse duration, edge triggering vs. level triggering, etc.
    • Applications of monoflops - trying to reduce the headaches they cause for many players
    • Counting - down counters are quite hard to use effectively due to some quirks, but extremely useful
    • Fun with advanced doors and bridges - encouraging to think out of the box
    • Love your Enemies (because without them you wouldn't have any use for all these wonderfully lethal traps)
    • Pushing the Limits - Pistons ( samoroth, we need you here!)
    • Experimentation area - something like the HillValley redstone room where people can build temporary prototypes. How can we make sure that players can't block it for too long?
    • Have you got an awesome idea for a themed area or would you like us to show how to build a certain device? Leave a comment on the discussion page!

Notes to builders

  • Please contact nosefish if you would like to contribute. Remember that you will have to write a tutorial about your exhibit, too.
  • Since this is a public area and tinkering is encouraged, all exhibits have to be absolutely winx- and bubba-proof. No matter what abuse the prospective visitor has in store for them short of griefing, they must take it without breaking. E.g. if your repeaters must be on a certain setting, encase them in glass.
  • The devices we build here should be the simplest versions imaginable. E.g. the cobble generator only takes one block per clock cycle. Give hints on how to scale the devices in the wiki tutorial, but keep the actual builds simple, to make them easy to understand. The goal is to make people think and be creative, not to do all the thinking for them and just let them copy our builds.

Why not build this at the Craftbook Museum?

  • The Craftbook Museum is not in Glenfiddich. :P
  • Let people travel! It's so boring if everything is in one place.
  • The concept is different. The museum is a comprehensive collection of ICs and shows how they work individually, like an in-game version of the IC list on the craftbook wiki. This park is about showing people how to combine them into complete devices and how to design their own circuits.
  • By building it at the museum, it would not stand out as a separate project.

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