Insurdog Inc.

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Organisations Insurdog Inc.
Leadership Ldog540
Headquarters Insurdog Headquarters
Founded 24/5/2012
Public? Yes

"I made Freedonian Insurance :P" -Ldog540

Freedonia's first functioning insurance company, it currently protects only inventories, but will soon cover grief as well.

Creation Ldog540 created Insurdog Inc. during one of his many bored periods. He wondered at the lack of insurance in Freedonia and decided to make one himself. He soon found out why no one had created functioning insurance prior to him. Problems were encountered almost immediately.


After the construction of the corporation's headquarters, Ldog set to work writing a policy. At that point, problems arose. The first issue was about inventory content. Clients could easily lie about it and make free diamonds despite having lost nothing of value. This was solved by creating a ratio to the amount you pay and the amount you claim, as well as a program to encourage not making claims. This is detailed more in the Policy section of this article. The second problem was how to make a profit without turning the corporation into a scam. This was solved by making the total amount gained monthly through claims more than what the client has to pay. To counteract the inevitable loss of diamonds, a program to encourage non-claimants was created, detailed more in Policy. After those problems were sorted out, the corporation was finally opened to clients.


Currently being copied from in-game policy written on signs

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