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Many discussions have recently popped up in the MinecraftOnline community about what it is like being a moderator, what they can and cannot do, and whatnot. After reading through some of the arguments, I (getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6) decided to set the record straight.


What do Moderators Do?

Moderators do many of the things regular players do, build, survive, trade, PvP, open up shops, and roam areas of MCO, looking for new and exciting things to do. Besides that, they are also responsible for checking grief alerts as they happen, as well as interrogating, banning, and welcoming players.

What don't/can't Moderators Do?

Moderators cannot fly, give themselves items, become completely invincible, or abuse their powers in any way. Many people believe that moderators just spawn the items they need or take out of mod vault. The ONLY reason to take items from mod vault is to repair grief. That is all. Mods can not check logs or edit server scripts or code (besides getplayerhead.sh?14mRh4X0r&16.png 14mRh4X0r who created Canary and a few of the plugins on our server)

What powers do Moderators have?

Moderators have the power to ban, interrogate, teleport, summon (tphere), and use fast travel commands such as /ascend and /descend. More info about that on the Commands page. Moderators also have operator powers on IRC. Operators on IRC can kick/ban players as they deem necessary.

A Note

Some of the information on this page may be similar to that on the moderators page. The reason for this page was an impromptu Q&A session about the responsibility of modship, and what it means. Remember, being a moderator is not a reward, it is a responsibility granted only to those worthy. Asking to be a mod will get you no where, so don't even bother.

An Extra Note

By the time a Moderator does get caught abusing their power, they usually don't manage to get far. Disciplinary action does, in fact, get taken very quickly, along with being taken seriously.

For the record, Moderators did have the ability to spawn items, but that was during the time MinecraftOnline was at its early days.

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