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The render system allows for players to have their builds beautifully captured by the server, no client mods required.

The public imgur gallery can be found here

You can also view renders with the Control Panel at

How to make a render

Making a render is dead simple:

  1. Find something to take a picture of (this could be a building, a statue, or maybe the scenery)
  2. Look at the structure exactly how you want it to be captured
  3. Type /render and wait for the confirmation message
  4. Wait for your creation to be rendered
  5.  ???????
  6. Profit! You will be notified that your render has been completed. Enjoy!

Renders will not show entities such as paintings and item frames, or any mobs such as cows and sheep. Player heads and text on signs will also not be visible in renders.


  • /render - Start a render and add it to the render queue
  • /render queue - See who is in the render queue
  • /render cancel - Cancel a render that is in the queue

Browsing renders

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