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Organisations Sheep Society
Leadership sheep1997 and Aussie_sheep
Headquarters KuraiCho
Founded 16 March 2012
Public? Ask a sheep.


The History

To learn the History of this coveted society, we have to go back in time to the 1st of Febuary, 2012. This magical date is the day that Aussie_sheepstepped into the Freedonian world. He wondered at the place as this was his first major server, and he was sceptical about what the multiplayer lifestyle had in offer. He was in awe about the size and uniqueness about the server. He was hooked on the multiplayer, and turned his back on singleplayer forever.

Early Life

He got into contact with his buddy sheep1997 Together they built up what sheep1997 had already started. But something was terribly wrong for Aussie. Due to the number of players and personality's on the server; for Aussie his goal was to become friendly and sociable with most players. He did just that, he became friendly with most players. Though, as there always are, he was trolled; really quite badly. It got to a point where Aussie talked to sheep and threatened to leave the server. Sheep tried to talk sense into him, but he would not listen. Sheep knew that something had to change, that he had to make a safe haven where he could keep his friend safe, and also house players with the same problem as his. So began the Sheep Society.

The Start

Aussie finally grew out of his depression, and went back to normal life. So did all the other victims that were a subject of the trolling. Though Aussie wanted something more. He wanted to get revenge on the people that had done this to him. So he once again called upon his friend sheep, and asked him for his advice. Sheep said "Do what you like, just don't be a douche". So there it was, Aussie got the nod that the Sheep Society could turn into something more then just a rehabilitation centre. Aussie rounded up all of the members who had come to the Society, before Aussie had talked to sheep. He told them that the Sheep Society was something more now, it was a force not to be reckoned with. Though these words were short lived when one member said that this was a stupid idea, and that they should all shove it up their ass. Aussie very disappointed in all these members, killed them in anger then walked off all the while plotting his evil plots. Aussie came to sheep with another idea. That they would be contract killers. A group who got paid for certain kills. Once again sheep agreed with hesitance and told the few members that did stay what change had gone on. Most members embraced the change while some were more tentative with the change. Though, the the majority had voted and the Sheep Society was now the first contract killers in Freedonia

The Middle

Those first few ideas failed. Including the contract killers approach. Even if they did get the contract which was very rare, because most people would do it themselves, were extremely difficult. The person logging off would always be an easy escape from their pursuant. But finding the person in the first place proved next to impossible. It was to hard to tell if someone was lying, and they could not tell where they were if they didn't respond to the killers in the first place. So, the contract killing business was a failure. Sheep knowing that this would happen came to Aussie and proposed his idea. He suggested that they stop killing altogether and take a different approach in using a mob to their advantage. They decided that the Society would become a building contractor. That they would build peoples structures for them and get paid for doing so. Though many of the members were very sceptical about this idea, and protested against it. These members were immediately exiled from the Society. They did get many building projects, mainly for those who had other projects to work on, but it worked. They did this for a solid week, until a drastic change that shook the whole society community. Aussie started to kill the members on a whim with no reason at all. For fear of their mincraftian lives, they resigned from their post, and left the Society. Sheep knew that this would happen one day. That Aussie would snap and start to kill there own members. He knew that after this incident that they would have to rebuild the Society again, from the ruins that Aussie had created.

The End

Sheep really could not be screwed doing all that again, and nor could Aussie. This is the conversation that took place a few weeks after the mass murder.


Head Sheep

Pink Sheep


Worker Sheep

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