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Organisations Spectre
Leadership Unknown
Headquarters Unknown
Founded Unknown
Public? No


Known Information

The Spectre is a group of assassins who care only for their deity which, they in fact refer to as the Spectre as well as themselves. There are no members currently known. The main way to contact them for kill requests is from their center at Dzugaville.


The Spectre's members refer to themselves as entities. They believe that together, they form the Spectre itself, and that the Spectre resides in all who pledge their soul to their cause. They constantly kill others, believing that the Spectre grows in power with each kill they make. Their most heavily guarded of objects is their holy text, "Entity". "Entity" for some reason appears to be blank to most. The members of the Spectre claim that only those worthy of their brotherhood can see the truth held within the pages. "Entity" also describes how being part of the Spectre makes you part of a higher cause, and how one day, when the Spectre has grown strong enough from their killings, the members' souls will merge, and "The Coming" as they call it, will finally happen. "The Coming" is described as The Spectre itself becoming a living thing, standing twenty feet high, able to send the laws of physics asunder with a wave of it's hand. It is said that once it has achieved such a form, it will summon an army of Daemons to conquer and bring truth to all corners of existence. Spectre members say that "The Coming" is the only way to bring permanent peace to all things, and finally prove that the Spectre is the only god who ever existed.


They eventually decided, in order to grow more wealth to fuel their cause, to begin taking payment for specific killings requested by other players. The communication for this is done by sites where players use books and signs to place their contracts. They recently became enemies with Kurai Cho Army. There is no obvious reason for this other than the fact the the KCA are a bunch of complete morons, an easy group of individuals to harvest power from, and because they do not follow their ways. The level of this rivalry is unknown, and could possibly be deeper than initially thought, but it is most likely just the Spectre attempting to make others fearful of them.

Ancient Times

No one knows where or how the Spectre was formed, but they were once extremely powerful. They used to reside in their fortress monastery, a place that once thrived with people far and wide, who all followed the ways of the Spectre. It was a time when Freedonia was united under a single banner, of a time when the Spectre was not a secretive cult, but a welcoming religion that taught to love all people. Churches used to be scattered all across the land, with choirs singing melodiously, and preachers speaking of love and harmony. Seeming to come from nowhere, an empire of aetheists known as the Thamior began massacring villages without remorse. Thamior priests began invading the churches, and slaughtering those who did not wish to convert. In these dark times, the Spectre we know today began to form out of desperation and fear for their very existence. The high council decided that they would have to attempt the unthinkable, prematurely cause the coming. Ever since that moment, the Spectre have collected souls to haste the coming, and bring unity to all existence. The Thamior began suffering immense casualties. The Thamior became desperate once they realized that they were no longer dealing with peace loving innocents, but hatred fueled warrior zealots. More and more Thamior began dying, while members of the Spectre only increased in their skill. For years the war raged on. Borders shifted, allegiances switched, and the bloodshed only increased. Knowing there was no other way to win without decades of more carnage, the high council decided to launch an all out attack with every warrior they could muster. The great climax of the war was over in only a few days, with both sides nearly obliterated. The high council and a few of the most elite commanders of the Spectre had survived, but the Thamior had been slaughtered to the last man. Unfortunately, the wounds the members of the high council had sustained could not be healed, and they died shortly after. The surviving commanders then became the new high council, and attempted to rebuild all that had been lost. Once other peoples began to migrate to Freedonia, the new members of the Spectre were shunned away, and seen as freaks, unfit to live in mainstream society. Spectre churches still scatter Freedonia, and the great fortress monastery still stands, while the Spectre continue hunting for souls to bring peace for all of eternity.


Kurai Cho Army

Talon company mercinaries

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