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  • Stealing is the act of taking the belongings of another for yourself.
  • Stealing is a form of PvP

On, stealing like all other forms PvP is permitted, as long as the act does not degrade into bullying, and the one stealing does not grief in order to do so.

The most common form of stealing seen is the looting of unlocked chests.

Measures to prevent stealing

Stealing is only bannable if the thief employs griefing in order to collect the loot. Therefore many players guard their chests by placing a manmade block over the top of them - a popular choice is wool. This acts as a deterrent to regular players from attempting to rob the chest, as they are liable to be banned for griefing if they break this wool. However, it is important to note that this does not prevent your chest from being robbed. An inexperienced player may not realise that breaking this block counts as griefing, or that they will be banned, for instance. It is important not to rely on this method. If you are robbed, then even if the player who breaks your block is banned, it won't bring back your lost chest contents.

A far better approach is to use LWC to lock and protect your chests.

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