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User ardoom1

I'ma pumpkin

Known as ardoom
Gender Male
Location NE England
Nationality British
DOB 4th August 1997
In Freedonia
First joined Friday, March 25th 2011
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(After stromhurst getting Adminship.) ardoom1: STROM YOU CHEATER!!

"He's a cold blooded killer." PlagueDoc1600

Nothing much is known about Ardoom but the fact that he was a murderous but friendly player. He was friendly to players but a general prick and murderer to people who annoyed him.

Known as the 'Psychopathic Pumpkin' for a very good reason.

Ardoom was an Obsidian donor and when taking part in pvp uses those powers, even if his stars are hidden.

He was modded on the 16/9/2014, but banned on the 24/5/2018.

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