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User Bigred999


Known as Big or Red
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality English
In Freedonia
First joined 06 April 2011
First building Two bedroom Cobble house by Spawn
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Ex-moderator, demoted due to inactivity in September 2014.



  • Exploring
  • Hoarding Materials
  • PC Gaming
  • Youtube
  • Comedy Programmes


  • People Who Ask Questions and Then Ignore the Answers
  • Cobble Houses
  • Lag
  • TV Soaps and Most Dramas
  • All Apple Products

Early Days

Bigred quietly snuck onto MinecraftOnline on 6th April 2011. This was the first server he had joined in Multiplayer Minecraft and was instantly overwhelmed by what he saw. The tall buildings and massive scale confused and amazed him. After spending many hours walking round Spawn, he settled in a small patch of land 100 blocks from Spawn and built a small cobble box house, which later turned into a two bedroom piece of rubbish.

After a couple of weeks online, having spoken to no one, a stranger approached him and started talking to Bigred. Panicking that he had done something wrong or was about to be killed, he searched the control page for the Talk key. After managing to say "Hello" to the stranger, a nice conversation was started and also a long term friendship between Bigred and the stranger, KingOfCheeseLand.

Cheese taught Bigred many things, including how to lock chests and infinite water sources. After a month or so, Cheese invited Bigred to live with him at his town, alongside Thonykidd and others.

Current Project

Bigred is currently working on a Lakeside complex that has taken four months of work thus far. The excavating took a month to complete and has spent the rest of the time gathering black wool to outline all the walls. The lake floor has been leveled out and replaced with glass. Bigred is planning on building a few houses and other buildings under the lake. He is contemplating selling it after its completion.

Current Project - Outside Veiw

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