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User KingOfCheeseLand

Lego + Cheese = KingOfCheeseLand

Known as Cheese or King
Gender Male
Location UK
Nationality English
Occupation Playing Minecraft, Strategy Games & Messing Around With Lego
In Freedonia
First building Oppressia Sea Airport
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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About Cheese

The KingOfCheeseLand has been around for good amount of time (near lauch of 1.3) and has gotten to know the sever quite well. Throughout his time on this sever he has gather a group of trusty friends for example Thonykidd, Machines_Are_Us and Bigred999. All we know from information we that has been gathered is that he lives somewhere on the 18km of land within freedonia, with his friend Thonykidd. He is the owner of Cheesey Inc.


The 3 most likey times to see him

1. Teleporting to you to either ask questions or have a look around. (has a slightly nosey traight)

2. Asking you for slave labour in return for some diamonds or mob. spawners (hates digging)

3. Going to spawn to eat the cake.

Apart from those times he likes to keep himself to himself. However sometimes likes a good banter in in-game chat.



1. Cheese (of course)

2. Lego

3. Cats

5. Missing out 4


1. People who ignore chat when asked questions

2. Spammers

3. Griefers

4. People who build nooby cobble towers in the middle of no where

5. Bullys

6. Disturbing Sales

His Builds

A list of great builds he made and help make

Oppressia Sea Airport

Giant Cookie


Glenfiddich Harbour

Castle city Station

Cheese's Show Room

Cheese's Layer

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