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User Bowbee

Basically a warm panda like he is

Known as Bowb, Bowby
Gender Man
Location Denmark
Nationality Croatian
DOB 16 june 1997
Occupation Being nice
In Freedonia
First joined 08 June 2016
First building His unfinished house
Staff member Moderator
Donor level *GOD*
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Where to find this PANDA?!

Bowbee have startet to stream on MCO and done some recordings on the server as well, so if you want to follow his storry on the server heres few usefull links



Twitter -

Who is this PANDA!?

The first thing you will need to know about Bowby is that he is a kind person that likes to use his time talking to people about their day and looking at what they are working on on the server. Bowby is one of those players that would rather help another player get through his build than his own projects. That's also one of the reasons he never gets done with his town ; ) Regardless if you are a new player or a player that has been there even longer than himself, he will always try to understand what you need and do his best to follow up your request, many people are normally typing to him in private chat about how he is himself, but normally he'd rather just say everything out to all the players online because he knows that it's always nice to read something while playing Minecraft. (talking about experience) maybe if you have seen him online or in IRC you can read that his typing skills are not that high. Bowby started to learn English February 2015, but regardless how many typos he is making people are normally looking behind that and trying to understand him because he most of the time has an agenda with what he is writing and most of the time it has something to do with everybody or at least the person he is talking to. Bowby lives in Denmark, but was born in Croatia so he has Danish and Croatish as a native languages. He has a degree of being a translator as his in real life job in the following languages: Danish, Croatish, Serbia, Bosnish, Slovenski & Norwegish but is atm working on getting better with his English & French. Last he'll learn how to speak Russian, Swedish & German.


Its no secret that Bowbee takes pride in being a Donator and only few people have seen him in a time where he was not a donor. But here's the story of the time Bowbee donated.

Why do I Donate?

To begin with lets talk about why you don't donate! Bowbee have not just been donating for himself he have donated to a lot of other players in Minecraft, not just ranks, but Optifine caps as well. Bowbee are one of those people that likes to see people get happy so time to time when Bowbee doesn't see any enjoyment on the server for quite some time he will use some money to get some smile on people faces. Most of his donates are not secret but there are few there don't know why they have their ranks, but are happy they got it.

Obsidian time!

It was only after small 2 months Bowbee needed a way to get around quick on the server. He decided Obsidian was the thing he need! Before he was a mod there might been a chance you seen him teleporting new players to a fresh place so they could get started. The reason Bowbee did this is cause when he was teleported to a new place by Sprazzzler he was so happy & Bowbee like to help as well so that was just a great Bonus if Bowbee found a new player walking around and didn't know where/how to get started.

Nether time!

As the time come by Bowbee began to build more stuff in the Nether so it was just natural for Bowbee to get Nether rank so he could use the same powers in overworld in the nether. He also from this point got a 25% of offer when buying a rank to himself cause he was promoted to mod just short before getting the rank.

Aether time!

At this point Bowbee was a known player by many and a lot of people was asking to get help, but there was some stuff Bowby was not able to help with so he decided to take a step up and get some blue stars to match his blue name!

Bowbee The God?

Lets start with Black Friday 2016 there is a 50% sale on the server when buying a rank so Bowby took his chance to get himself Demigod the plan was to get god rank, but there was some problem with Bowby's Bank and Paypal so Demigod was what he got. There was going some time now and Bowby was just a silly little demigod and he could not see any difference by Aether rank and Demigod so he did what a lot of other players was thinking he will get one day and that is God rank. Now when you see Bowby in-game you will see that he changes his prefix a lot. Bowby have not found any prefix that he think is the perfect one, so maybe one day you see him keep one prefix he likes, but it's not for sure.

First Talk with SlowRiot

It was a standard day Bowbee was walking around seeing some new stuff on the server, Jman was showing Bowbee around some projects she been working on and suddenly there was a name you never seen on IRC before, but you know who it was. Just casually did a !lastseen himself from IRC and then began to talk to Bowbee about if he enjoyed the server. Bowbee stop walking and the only thing he said was "uh are you real?".

The evening I Got a blue name

OFC IRC SlowRiot was real and the next SlowRiot said was. "I think we need a little more blue" in the background you saw Jman write "more blue, more blue, more blue" Then Bowbee type "are you getting in game?" And Bowbee stopped… something was different, Bowbee did not say a thing for half a minute. Bowbee said "wait what!!?!" and the he realized that he was a mod and began "OMG THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" meanwhile Riot did a laugh and left the IRC with his last words, Jman show Bowbee the ropes.

Moderator Time!

Daam boy! A Moderators chat! It's insane! Bowbee didn't understand all these numbers there was in his chat so Jman asked Bowbee if Bowbee wanna check some grief around the server so Jman wrote "Just do gcheck and where you like to go" so Bowbee did that and he ended up with saying "gcheck (random player on the server" and the player was like what? So Bowbee saw he fucked up and said the player had a nice name and moved on. Later on jman explained how the gcheck system worked.

The first Ban

Well Bowbee been active being a mod it was already after the 7. day of being a moderator a player called boOSteRso6 was griefing so much and diddent care about the rules so much that Bowbee needed to ban him. Bowbee contacked Anna afterwards to ask her about if she think Bowbee was to haras with the ban, but she said Bowbee need to stand by his choises and stop question himself to much.

Funniest encounter

  < Bowbyslag>: hallo chitty
  < ChittyD>: I know what this looks like Bowby, and I can explain

Chitty was on a alt of his cause he was lazy to log in with his real account. that result in Bowbee got a Grief alert that teleportet Bowbee to see Chitty destroy his own house to get in cause he had no accses with the craftbook installed.

The Integerationroom

Working on a New and fancy room

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