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User Bowbyslag

Basically a warm panda like he is

Known as Bowby, Bow, Slagger & Biwbys
Gender Man
Location Denmark
Nationality Croatien
DOB 16 june 1997
Occupation Aarhus Univertet Informationtecnologi
In Freedonia
First joined 08 June 2016
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Demigod
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Who is this PANDA!?

The first thing you will need to know about Bowby is that he is a kind person there like to use his time talking to people about thiere day and look on what they are working on at the server. Bowby is one of those players there rather help a other player to get thur his build then his own projekts. Thats also one of the resons he never getting done with his town ; )

Regardles if you are a new player or a playere there have been there even longer then himself, he will always try to understand what you need and do his best to follow up your request, many people are normaly typeing to him in private chat about how he is himself, but he normaly rather just say evrtyhing out to all the players online cause he know that its always nice to read something while playing minecraft. (talking about expiriens) mabye if you have seen him online or in IRC you can read that his typeingskills it not that high. Bowby startet to learn english Febuar 2015, but regardless how many typos he is making people is normay looking behind that and trying to understand him because he most of the time have a agenda with what his is writting and its most of the time have something to do with evrybody or atleast the person he is talking to

Bowby is liveing in Denmark, but is born in Croatia so he have Danish and Croatish as a naivte languages. He have a degree of being a translator as his in real life job in the following languages: Danish, Croatish, Serbia, Bosnish, Slovenski & Norwegish but his atm. Working on getting better with his english & france. So last he have learned how to talk Rusian, sweedish & German.

Story of why this server

Lest start out with all the exams is done for 2016 and Bowby has got approved to start on his new school with his best freind Gameeinge to study Informationtecnology, at the time Bowby & gameeinge normaly was playing league of legends, but after a both of them got demoted from the master rank que to Diamond 1 they desided to fine a new game where they can try to do a great job so people mabye will remeber thiere name even if they dident play for a while. Gameeinge sugestet to play minecraft and Bowby sugestet to play a game with more Challange, something like DOTA, counterstrike etc. But Regardles what bowby sugestet, gameeinge will only play minecraft. So the first servers they both was trying out was some serveres where evryone was in creative, but that was a bit boring so they both agreed that the server they will use all thiere time on needed to me in gamemode 0m since then they will have a harder time to play and more liky suprice other people with thiere skills on how to minecraft.

Gameeinge asked Bowby if a server with name will be a thing since its was the oldes server with gamemode 0 and there was writting that no griefing no spamming & best of all no cheating! Bowby dont like that people can cheat without getting a punishment so he agreed to try out the server. He dindet know that this will change him to play minecraft on fulltime at the time.

The Begining Agenst a hacker

Bowby & Gameegine have startet on and walking around in spawn. They were trying to fine some food and some other startup materials since they will need it for thiere plan. They knew they was not alone cause they could see a player running in the shadows behind them and just waiting. Bowby and Gameeinge knew they dindet have a chance to fight aanyone reagardles they were 2 agenst one, so they were trying to get the playere there was following them away by spitting themself up. Bowby was alone for a time and he was so luckyt he find a food spawner, so he gave the cords to gameeinge so they can meet up and setting a little camp before they will walk further. When gameeinge arraivd to the given cords bowby had already alot of food so they atleast was preperf for some time, but the shadow that they thought they had got away from was back. The problem was it was not a shadow anymore it was a player there had one goal, that was to kill Bowby and Gameeinge. Gameeinge was thinking fast and runned away with most of the stuff, while bowby was standing still only with one word in his head. HACKER! He was typing in chat. Bowby saw how they playere who was trying to attack gameeinge & bowby was flying agenst them with no normal speed, but noone seamed to hear bowby out and he died. Bowby respawnd and waited few minutes to get back to the camp cause he will be sure that the hacker was long gone after gameeninge before getting back. Bowby build a small base near the camp where he blocked himself in with nothing more then wool & dirt, he saw that the hacker getting back to the camp so bowby got his leatherarmour on and a stone sword ready to fight back this time agenst the flying killer. The thing was the hacker was not trying to kill Bowby at first, but then bowby saw something there gave him a big fear. The hacker was trying to dig himself in to get into bowby chest. Bowby was thinking fast and placed stone on all his chest since that will take longest time to break so that will give bowby some time to attack the hacker. Bowby was getting ready to attack the hacker, bowby´s plan was to stricke whitle the hacker was opening the 3 chest cause there will all the stuff bowby had be in. The thing was even after the first cobble got destroyed of the hacker a man with a blue name was sudenly teleporting between bowby and the hacker asking if that stone did belong to him, but the hacker did not answer and then began to attack the man with the blue name, Bowby saw the name and read it. TheSprazzzler. That was Bowby´s herro, casue when the hacker was trying to kill TheSprazzzler then the hacker was killed in 2 hits from TheSprazzzlers sword, then the hacker was placed in integeration but TheSprazzzler saw the hacker was flying and banned him. All that happend infront of Bowby and he dident know what to say beside thanks to Thesprazzzler, TheSprazzzler offerd to help Bowby get a place away from spawn and Bowby asked if Gameeinge can follow since they were premates. Sprazzzler said sure and teleportet them to thiere new placere they can home.

New place fresh ideas

A Town?

The first member!

The tower




Why do I Donate?

Obsidian time!

Nether time!

Aether time!

Bowby The God?

First Talk with SlowRiot

The evening I Got a blue name

Moderator Time!

The first Ban

The Integerationroom

Server 6 Years!

13 days one cake

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