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User Bowbyslag

Basically a warm panda like he is

Known as Bowby, Bow& Biwbys (BoBo from people not from the game)
Gender Man
Location Denmark
Nationality Croatian
DOB 16 june 1997
Occupation Communication specialist and data-technition with networking as a specialty
In Freedonia
First joined 08 June 2016
Staff member Moderator
Donor level *GOD*
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  < Bowbyslag>: hallo chitty
  < ChittyD>: I know what this looks like Bowby, and I can explain


Who is this PANDA!?

The first thing you will need to know about Bowby is that he is a kind person that likes to use his time talking to people about their day and looking at what they are working on on the server. Bowby is one of those players that would rather help another player get through his build than his own projects. That's also one of the reasons he never gets done with his town ; ) Regardless if you are a new player or a player that has been there even longer than himself, he will always try to understand what you need and do his best to follow up your request, many people are normally typing to him in private chat about how he is himself, but normally he'd rather just say everything out to all the players online because he knows that it's always nice to read something while playing Minecraft. (talking about experience) maybe if you have seen him online or in IRC you can read that his typing skills are not that high. Bowby started to learn English February 2015, but regardless how many typos he is making people are normally looking behind that and trying to understand him because he most of the time has an agenda with what he is writing and most of the time it has something to do with everybody or at least the person he is talking to. Bowby lives in Denmark, but was born in Croatia so he has Danish and Croatish as a native languages. He has a degree of being a translator as his in real life job in the following languages: Danish, Croatish, Serbia, Bosnish, Slovenski & Norwegish but is atm working on getting better with his English & French. Last he'll learn how to speak Russian, Swedish & German.

How Bowby came to The Server

Let's start out with all the exams being done for 2016, and Bowby getting approved to start his new school with his best friend Gameeinge to study Information Technology. At the time Bowby & gameeinge normally played League of Legends, but after both of them got demoted from the master rank queue to Diamond 1, they decided to find a new game where they can try to do a great job so people maybe will remember their name even if they didn't play for a while. Gameeinge suggested to play Minecraft and Bowby suggested to play a game with more challenge, something like DOTA, counterstrike etc. But regardless what Bowby suggested, gameeinge would only play Minecraft. So the first servers they both tried out were some servers where everyone was in creative, but that was a bit boring so they both agreed that the server they will use all their time on needed to me in gamemode 0 since then they would have a harder time playing and be more likely surprise other people with their Minecraft skills. Gameeinge asked Bowby if a server with the name would be a thing since it was the oldest server with gamemode 0 and there was writing that no griefing, no spamming, & best of all no cheating! Bowby doesn't like that people can cheat without getting a punishment so he agreed to try out the server. He didn't know that this would change him to play Minecraft full-time at the time.

The Beginning Against a Hacker

Bowby & Gameegine have started on and are walking around in spawn. They were trying to find some food and some other startup materials since they would need it for their plan. They knew they were not alone because they could see a player running in the shadows behind them and just waiting. Bowby and Gameeinge knew they couldn't stand a chance fighting anyone. Regardless they were 2 against one, so they tried to get the player that was following them away by splitting themselves up. Bowby was alone for a time and he was lucky to find a food spawner, so he gave the cords to gameeinge so they could meet up and set a little camp before they walked further. When gameeinge arrived to the given cords bowby already had a lot of food so they were at least prepared for some time, but the shadow that they thought they had gotten away from was back. The problem was, it wasn't a shadow anymore. It was a player that had one goal: kill Bowby and Gameeinge. Gameeinge was thinking fast and ran away with most of the stuff, while bowby stood still only with one word in his head: HACKER! He was typing in chat. Bowby saw how the player who was trying to attack them was flying against them with abnormal speed, but no one seemed to hear bowby out and he died. Bowby respawned and waited few minutes to get back to the camp to be sure that the hacker was long gone with gameeninge before getting back. Bowby built a small base near the camp where he blocked himself in with nothing more than wool & dirt. He saw that the hacker getting back to the camp so bowby got his leather armour on and a stone sword ready to fight back this time against the flying killer. The thing was, the hacker was not trying to kill Bowby at first, but bowby saw something that gave him a big fear. The hacker was trying to dig in to get into bowby's chest. Bowby thought fast and placed stone on all his chests, since that would take longest to break to give himself some time to attack the hacker. Bowby was getting ready to attack the hacker. His plan was to strike while the hacker was opening the 3 chests, because those chests were where Bowby kept all of his stuff. The thing was, after the first cobble got destroyed by the hacker, a man with a blue name was suddenly teleporting between bowby and the hacker asking if that stone belonged to him, but the hacker did not answer and then began to attack the man with the blue name. Bowby saw the name and read it: thesprazzler. That was Bowby´s hero, because when the hacker was trying to kill TheSprazzzler, the hacker was killed in 2 hits from TheSprazzzler's sword. Then the hacker was placed in interrogation but TheSprazzzler saw the hacker was flying and banned him. All that happened in front of Bowby and he didn't know what to say besides thanks to Thesprazzzler. TheSprazzzler offered to help Bowby get a place away from spawn and Bowby asked if Gameeinge could follow since they were mates. Sprazzzler said sure and teleported them to their new place that they could call home.

New place fresh ideas

When sprazzzler got us this new place we can call home a lot of ideas were appearing in our heads. Gameengine was thinking to make a place filled up with awesome redstone builds, but bowby was thinking different. Bowby wanted to build something where people can meet up and help each other so they can rise together up in the ranks of the MCO community.

A Town?

While Gameengine was trying to mine some redstone for those builds he planned doing Bowby was already beginning to make a big house in the middle of where he was thinking the town can be. Since he had a nice idea he will get a lot of players to join his town just for some days and leave to somewhere else so they can get started on building something themselves.

The first member!

But it was not for long when a player called Skiwalker1 was talking with Bowby about building together in Bowby's town. Already there, Bowby had some small buildings/farms where people can get materials. Skiwalker loved the idea/plans Bowby had for the people in the town so skiwalker1 asked Bowby if he can be the main builder to help Bowby build some of the stuff because Bowby is not the greatest builder in the MCO history, but he takes care of as many people as he can.

The tower

The town needed a tower where people from outside see, since where to go if they wanna find a safe place. The tower was build by Skiwalker1 but even though Skiwalker was keep falling down to his death he did not stop what so ever! That resulted to be a nice tower with great scouting & best of all the tower is called "tower of death" only with that reason that people was still dying just by walking to the top.


Well you can't have a town without having a home yourself so after 7 months with having the town, bunch of people now live nearby the town and happily using it as a safe place Skiwalker asked Bowby if Bowby now needed a Home so whenever people wanna ask Bowby where his home was he didn't need to say "I don't have a home". Bowby agreed and after that moment Bowby now have a secret home with a nice view to a lake of his and nature that looks pretty but is not natural. Only skiwalker & Bowby know the location of the house.


The great thing that got Bowby a lot of members to live around him was his Storage room. It was not special in any way but it was big enough that when new players join the server the where amazed with all the stuff Bowby had and just was giving away. Bowby did a lot of work by sorting the chest in the storage, but he was bad to keep the system in the chest as it was planned to be. So he had a weakly day where he used 3 hours to sorting the whole chest room so other players could enjoy finding what they needed fast so they could get out and build! The style of the chest room is quite unique but simple, Bowby have not seen anyone have a chest room there look like his, but people are more then welcome to copy it and have the same agenda.


Its no secret that Bowby takes pride in being a Donator and only few people have seen him in a time where he was not a donor. But here's the story of the time Bowby donated.

Why do I Donate?

To begin with lets talk about why you don't donate! Bowby have not just been donating for himself he have donated to a lot of other players in Minecraft, not just ranks but Optifine caps as well. Bowby are one of those people that likes to see people get happy so time to time when Bowby doesn't see any enjoyment on the server for quite some time he will use some money to get some smile on people faces. Most of his donates are not secret but there are few there don't know why they have their ranks, but are happy they got it.

Obsidian time!

It was only after small 2 months Bowby needed a way to get around quick on the server. He decided Obsidian was the thing he need! Before he was a mod there might been a chance you seen him teleporting new players to a fresh place so they could get started. The biggest reason Bowby did this is cause when he was teleported to a new place by Sprazzzler he was so happy & Bowby like to help as well so that was just a great Bonus if Bowby found a new player walking around and didn't know where/how to get started.

Nether time!

As the time come by Bowby began to build more stuff in the Nether so it was just natural for Bowby to get Nether rank so he could use the same powers in overworld in the nether. He also from this point got a 25% of offer when buying a rank to himself cause he was promoted to mod just short before getting the rank.

Aether time!

At this point Bowby was a known player by many and a lot of people was asking to get help, but there was some stuff Bowby was not able to help with so he decided to take a step up and get some blue stars to be beside his blue name!

Bowby The God?

Lets start with Black Friday 2016 there is a 50% sale on the server when buying a rank so Bowby took his chance to get himself Demigod the plan was to get god rank, but there was some problem with Bowby's Bank and Paypal so Demigod was what he got. There was going some time now and Bowby was just a silly little demigod and he could not see any difference by Aether rank and Demigod so he did what a lot of other players was thinking he will get one day and that is God rank. Now when you see Bowby in-game you will see that he changes his prefix a lot. Bowby have not found any prefix that he think is the perfect one, so maybe one day you see him keep one prefix he likes, but it's not for sure.

First Talk with SlowRiot

It was a standard day Bowby was walking around seeing some new stuff on the server, Jman was showing Bowby around some projects she been working on and suddenly there was a name you never seen on IRC before, but you know who it was. Just casually did a !lastseen himself from IRC and then began to talk to Bowby about if he enjoyed the server. Bowby stop walking and the only thing he said was "uh are you real?".

The evening I Got a blue name

OFC IRC SlowRiot was real and the next SlowRiot said was. "I think we need a little more blue" in the background you saw Jman write "more blue, more blue, more blue" Then Bowby type "are you getting in game?" And Bowby stopped… something was different, Bowby did not say a thing for half a minute. Bowby said "wait what!!?!" and the he realized that he was a mod and began "OMG THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" meanwhile Riot did a laugh and left the IRC with his last words, Jman show Bowby the ropes.

Moderator Time!

Daam boy! A Moderators chat! It's insane! Bowby didn't understand all these numbers there was in his chat so Jman asked Bowby if Bowby wanna check some grief around the server so Jman wrote "Just do gcheck and where you like to go" so Bowby did that and he ended up with saying "gcheck (random player on the server" and the player was like what? So Bowby saw he fucked up and said the player had a nice name and moved on. Later on jman explained how the gcheck system worked.

The first Ban

Well Bowby been active being a mod it was already after the 7. day of being a moderator a player called boOSteRso6 was griefing so much and diddent care about the rules so much that Bowby needed to ban him. Bowby contacked Anna afterwards to ask her about if she think Bowby was to haras with the ban, but she said Bowby need to stand by his choises and stop question himself to much.

The Integerationroom

You know its there, you dont want to get in & you dont want it to be the last thing you see when you leave the server. The room is made for if used to inform the player how to get out quickly, but also inform you about the rules. The location of the room is in the HQ of fakestaff. The room is made by Bowby and from outside it looks emty so people walking by will be able to esayly spot if there are some players that are being spoke to, beside that the room looks pretty. Above the room you will meet a tunnel to give a better view, but there will also be some heads of some players who been banned by Bowby.

Comming more

If you been reading evrything props to you man! Dont wory there will come more on the wikipage, when ever bowby is ready with all his picturs and more stuff that will be joining the page.

Bowby plans to add on the wiki

Pictures, playerheads users, what Bowby likes/dislikes & Spellcheck... last thing is making a nice List of all projects he been part of and short information about what he helped with.

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