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User EpicKittyXP
Known as EpicKitty
Gender Male
Location His Cat Basket
Nationality British
DOB 7th September 1996
Occupation Programmer
In Freedonia
Staff member Moderator
Donor level *** Iron
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Welcome to EpicKitty's corner of the MinecraftOnline Wiki! EpicKittyXP (Formerly known as EpicKittyXD and PontusOfSweden) has been a player of MCO for a long time. His main traits are to help other players out in the form of handing out items to those who need them and giving support. He also avidly hunts for grief so that they can be reported.

His base can be found at 6025 64 -2950 and contains many unlocked chests full of goodies for those who want to do some looting or those in need of items to get started. Please note that griefing here is not allowed to stick to those chests that you can get into without griefing.


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