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User Ted1246

A friend of Ted's made this skin and forced him to use it

Known as Edward, Teddy, Ted, Tedster, Tedward, Silly Teddy (mainly by Anna_28)...
Gender Male
Location England, United Kingdom
Nationality Half-British, Half-American
DOB September 2000
Occupation School
In Freedonia
First joined 18 July 2011
First building Something near Residaemian? Probably removed for being terrible
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics PlagueDoc1600:"Pure evil."

Ted is a great guy!
Built Community Castle.
Ted is currently working on Tedster Island, the Tedster Rail System and XT No.1246

Ted was made a moderator on 25/08/15, at the same time as Xyginator

Somebody donated under Ted's name (taking him to Wood donor) on 27/01/16 and it wasn't Ted. Ted is confused. Later, a similar thing happened where he was taken to Diamond. He is very thankful of whomever did this.

Ted is a member of R.U.D
Ted's 600th hour was spent on MCO's 5th birthday!
Ted's 1000th hour was spent on New Year's Day 2016!


 < Anna_28> Teddy is silly.
 < supertec> Ted is a silly billy
 < Ted1246> silly is sexy
 < darkdiplomat> is there a hole in your shoe?
 < Ted1246> several. they're breathable, where my feet and laces go.
 < darkdiplomat> damn it; you ruined the joke
 < Zen_Fighter> hey ted
 < Ted1246> Hey Zen
 < Ted1246> Also hey Feb
 < feb1980> Hei, Ted
 < Ted1246> feb why do you say 'Hei'? If you're giving me a secret message in German I don't want to marry you
 < Eilidh23> Hehe its his was of saying hi
 < Eilidh23> its fine.. he's not proposing i promise
 < Anna_28> What for?
 < Ted1246> Infer somewhat from the name and somewhat from the deepest reaches of insanity you keep far away from yourself
 < Ted1246> Elias| that was a quick rejoin
 < LiquitoX> april fools? |P
 < EliasX_X> ? its was cool
 < Ted1246> its was cool??
 < EliasX_X> Lol
 < EliasX_X> YEs
 < Ted1246> if you aren't gonna cooperate..
 < EliasX_X> i am not gonna cooperate
 < Ted1246> famous last words those
 EliasX_X was hit with the banhammer! (17786 bans)
 EliasX_X disconnected: Permanently Banned: grief of chest in castle near Kurai Cho

Being promoted to moderator status along with Xyginator

 < SlowRiot> hello
 < PotatoheadNick> imma searching for a bunch of different servers
 < PotatoheadNick> ill continue
 < Xyginator> excellent
 < BokiHD_> hey riot
 < Ted1246> hey riot!
 < Xyginator> so just try and help players a bit, and you could be picked
 < SlowRiot> speaking of being picked
 < theschlozmeister> some of you may want to relog?
 < Ted1246> schloz why do you want us to relog??
 < theschlozmeister> that's why
 < Xyginator> holy hell
 < Ted1246> whoa!
 < theschlozmeister>  alright you two listen
 < theschlozmeister> imma show you how this shit works

 < LiquitoX> ted: if you want to demolish the tower, go ahead, BUT ONLY if it looks better afterward
 < Ted1246> well, I can't demolish it then. Not a chance.

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