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User STL_Ninja17

The President of The UFP

Known as Ninja or STL
Gender Male
Location Missouri, U.S.
Nationality American
DOB 17 5 2001
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 23 April 2017
First building Flarentian outpost
View profile and statistics STL_Ninja17 is a registered member of the MinecraftOnline community. He joined the server on March 23rd, 2017. STL_Ninja17 is more of an explorer than a builder and places signs at places he's visited. If you find a sign that says found or visited by ninja than that was him. Ninja also helps out new members of the community by providing them with answers to their questions.



Ninja has named and explored many places.

places Found: Flarenta, Flarenta Island, Jimmyville mountain range, Ninja's house (obviously) Places Visited: Jimmyville, Tree's Tower, the edge of the server, and Terilyn's village


Ninja has built his own house, the Flarentian outpost, a you are here map, and a bridge to Flarenta outpost. Ninja has also helped with the refurbishment of the public farm at spawn and the addition of watermelon to the public farm.



Ninja created Hammerism, a religion on the server based around The Mighty Banhammer. Hammerists pray for loved ones to be unbanned, and pray for the Greifers, Cheaters, and Spammers to be banned. Hammerists also would never do anything to be banned. He created the Temple of Ban and wrote the Hammerist Ideals. Ninja is the prophet of this religion.


Ninja is also the first president of the United Flarentian Powers. The United Flarentian Powers Is the government of the server. Ninja's Vice President is Terilyn. Ninja has also nominated a few members of congress such as treepuncher755. The UPF is a democratic force that wishes to give citizens rights such as Protection, Resources, Religion (mostly because of Hammerism), Happiness, and of course Freedom since it's a democracy. The UFP also wants to use emeralds as currency 1 emerald being worth $1 and a block being worth $9. The UFP have rights to create and enforce laws, make the economy how they want, make taxes, and start wars if the need rises. The Capitol is in the south west nexus hub 1.


Ninja has friends on the server such as Krenath, Terilyn, treepuncher755, jimmyd93, Anna_28, and more. Ninja is very friendly and tries to be friends with everyone, this is a goal of his.


Ninja's goals include linking houses with a minecart system, being friends with everyone, eventually being a donator, and giving Anna_28 cookies (idk why this is a goal) He also wants to meet ampqre someday as he looks up to him. Ninja would also like to buy or take over (with permission) AmpCity as it is a beautiful place.

Likes and dislikes


  • being asked questions
  • eating food
  • building
  • exploring
  • friends
  • being pantsless (only when tree is)
  • stuff


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