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Sicroto is a person who likes to help tho he can't spell for his life you can ask him for stuff and he will try to help his full in game name is Sicroto Ziggoron Drocata. he has a brother Kile "thetormentor" Drocata he is more or less an ass nut nice when you get to know him he lives in Drocata swamp where he is the mayor and likes to spend is time Mesin with people and improving the town or just battling with the god of Drocata swamp Bowbyslag.

Where he comes from

{redacted} *1

Where he lives

the ancient civilization called TEXAS *2 yup that is all

so what now? now you LIVE

  • 1 Don't you know about the birds and the bees?
  • 2 It's a joke laugh

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