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User Slime_tiger

It's a slimetiger

Known as Slime
Gender Male
Location Mega Village
Nationality Narnian
Occupation Part time janitor and student
In Freedonia
First joined March 10, 2017
First building A village house
Donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics Slime_tiger is a player of this server who is currently working on creating the servers largest npc style village, called Mega Village. He wants all of your gravel.

He also is running a buisness selling and delivering salamis to peoples bases, which is called Slime's Salami Services. You can see the main Salami office behind the spawn visitor center and leave A sign to order your own salami. The salami buisness is currently being relocated to SalamaCity, which is a large city made out of Salami. If you hadn't noticed, he likes Salami. A lot.

He has also started another crazy project, Azkaban. He is replicating the wizard prison from harry potter out of entirely obsidian, and he is starting to go insane, though some may say he is insane already.

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