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User snikeren

Naked Snake

Known as Snikeren, snik
Gender Male
Nationality Norwegian
DOB 1992
In Freedonia
First joined 18 March 2011
Donor level ***** Aether
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The Story So Far

Snikeren first set his foot in Freedonia in March 2011 with his friend baosen. Together they ventured to the outskirts of the then not-so-big world to find untouched land. Together they made their first, little, cute fortress, without disturbing or interacting with the community.

- For the next couple of months, there was little to no activity from snikeren or his friend -

During the late summertime or so, snikeren somehow reappeared by himself to the server, all alone, itching for adventure. He built a huge tower (well, he thought it was huge at the time) which he called, and still calls, home. There he also built giant, green letters, spelling "KIWI". Kiwi is where Snikeren works when playing "Real life" on his computer. Later that fall, he officially joined the kingdom of captbunzo and made another home there, in addition to his Piston Labyrinth v. 1.0. Even later on, after some downtime due to some fancy FPS that was recently released, he reserved a plot at MountJackal and made an addition to The_Jackal_249's fine town (in the corner, closest to his mansion). After that he contributed yet again to MountJackal by making Snikeren's Piston Labyrinth v. 2.0 in the sand mountain.

He is a trainee in Jackal-Corp, a member of the MountJackal council and a proud member of Glen Team.


Generally a nice person who likes to have fun on others' behalf sometimes (in a non-offensive way). Whines about things that are of no interest to others. Takes advantage of his aether powers to help others when needed. Loves gifts and tips. :)

Real life

20 years old, just finished a year of absence while in the army.


  • Troll hunting
  • Lap dancing
Snikeren lap dancing at spawn


  • Endless unlit dungeons
  • When redstone doesn't do what he tells it to
  • Griefers
  • Evil pirates
  • Block lag
  • Unprovoked attacks (both by players and monsters)
  • High prices on dye
  • Incredibly stupid people

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