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Organisations Jackal-Corp

The logo of Jackal-Corp

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249
Headquarters Jackal-Corp HQ
Founded 9/11/2011
Public? No


Jackal-Corp's Ethos

Jackal-Corp was founded on one founding vision "I have a dream, a dream of a world where chickens can cross the road, without having there motives questioned" - getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249.

Jackal-Corp HQ

Jackal-Corp does not currently have a fully dedicated HQ.

--As of 9/11/2011 getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249 has set out to find a suitable location for Jackal-Corp HQ--

Jackal-Corp HQ will be the first mega project for getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249 to have started.

What does Jackal-Corp do?

Jackal-Corp manufactures high quality Ban-hammers.

Staff using Jackal-Corp Ban-hammers

getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249
getplayerhead.sh?KingOfCheeseLand&16.png KingOfCheeseLand
getplayerhead.sh?werdnaz&16.png werdnaz
getplayerhead.sh?lacrosse1991&16.png lacrosse1991
getplayerhead.sh?Ellen124&16.png Ellen124
getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti


getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249 - C.E.O

getplayerhead.sh?werdnaz&16.png werdnaz - Badass

getplayerhead.sh?KingOfCheeseLand&16.png KingOfCheeseLand - Badass

getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti - Badass

getplayerhead.sh?lacrosse1991&16.png lacrosse1991 - Badass

getplayerhead.sh?Ellen124&16.png Ellen124 - Constructor

getplayerhead.sh?Enjoku&16.png Enjoku - Constructor

getplayerhead.sh?skybirdthing&16.png skybirdthing - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?snikeren&16.png snikeren - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?captbunzo&16.png captbunzo - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?chivers88&16.png chivers88 - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzler&16.png thesprazzler - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6 - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?daviddude7&16.png daviddude7 - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?PepperFtw&16.png PepperFtw - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?monk30lol&16.png monk30lol - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?ardoom1&16.png ardoom1 - Trainee

getplayerhead.sh?Pro_Xyginator&16.png Pro_Xyginator - Trainee

Career levels

C.E.O - Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Boardmember - Have a say in the day to day running of Jackal-Corp (The highest position that can be obtained by multiple people)

Badass - A staff member who uses Jackal-Corp Banhammers. (Name provided by getplayerhead.sh?werdnaz&16.png werdnaz).

Constructor - A member of staff trusted to assemble the hammer in its early stages. >Supervisory Constructor >Chief Constructor

Trainee - A new employee who has yet to complete their training course.

-=*=- More levels will be added later -=*=-

How to apply

Pm getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249 ingame or on IRC.

What employees get

An office in Jackal-Corp HQ once it is built.


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