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User tyhdefu

tis a penguin

Known as tyh
Gender idk
Location idk
Nationality idk
DOB idk idk idk
Occupation idk
In Freedonia
First joined 2017-09-04
First building Underlands
Staff member Moderator
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tyhdefu was promoted to mod on 03/04/19 just after april foolz when he was also mod :) He was promoted along with 76x


tyhdefu is also known as:

tyhdefuda dude - By red_panda_sushi

ty - because people want me to be thank you and confuse me

tyh - much less confusing

Who is tyhdefu

tyhdefu is a penguin and likes penguins and does some stuff on the server tyhdefu has co-founded a town with red_panda_sushi called The UnderLands

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