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User Waterboy0048

Undead King

Known as Water
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 23 July 1988
Occupation Assembly Line Worker
In Freedonia
First joined Feb. 2012
First building Waterboy0048 Mining Co.
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Nether
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 (After being killed by HaythamnKenway)
 "hmm" - Waterboy0048
 "to the armory" - Waterboy0048


Waterboy0048 first entered Freedonia in late February 2012. After taking a look at the livemap and warping around for a bit, he eventually decided to settle in the North near New Haven. Setting out from there he found a small hill surrounded by herds of pigs, and Waterboy0048 Mining Co. was founded when he constructed a simple dirt hut for his first night.


Waterboy0048 tries to get along with most everybody in Freedonia, and as a rule tries to avoid PvP combat. Depending on his mood he is generally willing to aid anybody that asks for his help, so long as he is able to get to that person without too much hassle. Most of the time though he prefers to be left on his own and allowed to work on his numerous (mostly uncompleted) projects.


Waterboy0048 Mining Co., Waterboy0048 Mining Co. Mesa Division, Fortress al Drake, Gringotts, Sky Castle, Upside down Sky Fort, The Cube St. Freedonia Cathedral San Freedonia Waterchinko Temple of the Gods, Shrine of the Guardian Watchers

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