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Downgrade to 1.3.2

Minecraft 1.4 official is out, but due to notch’s unpredictable release schedule, the server modifications we use have yet to be updated (after all, the community need time to rewrite the server mods that make notch’s game playable, and if they aren’t given enough notice, the entire community suffers).

We don’t want to let griefers loose on our world without our antigrief or moderators’ protection, nor do we want to waste everyone’s time with a temporary map, so we have one solution at this point: downgrade your client to Minecraft 1.3.2.

We are working hard to bring our server’s mods up to date to 1.4 so we can continue protecting your creations. In the meantime, to continue playing at Freedonia, please downgrade your client to 1.3.2 again by replacing your minecraft.jar in your %appdata%/.minecraft/bin/ directory with:


Thank you for your patience!