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A graph showing the probability of being promoted to moderator, against number of hours played. On the same graph are stacked probabilities of being promoted to admin or of being banned, for comparison. See an interactive version of this chart.
A graph of hours spent online for moderators and admins, on a logarithmic horizontal axis.
The same graph on a linear horizontal axis.

"My theory is that in order to be picked to be a mod, you have to act like one first: Helping players and answering questions. Getting people started. You do the work first and they punish you by making you do more of it." - Krenath

Moderators Moderators are a class of player who have been granted additional powers to detect, and prevent grief, spam and cheating.


Moderators' names appear in lightblue in the game chat.

Moderators hold op status in IRC.

Moderators have the Moderator role on Discord, allowing them to ban users and delete messages when necessary.


"i is want staff" - Oplo_Rex202

Unlike many other servers, moderators at MinecraftOnline are not given item spawning abilities, invulnerability, or any other command or power that would spoil their ability to play true survival. They are simply ordinary players who are notified of grief alerts, can teleport to investigate them, and have the power to ban rule breakers.

A list of moderator commands can be seen at commands.

Relationship to admins

"Mods: Zombies equipped with banhammers being mind-controlled by Slowriot's bottle of whisky" - TheMightyCheeze

They are supported in their role by admins. The concept is one of role separation; moderators' role is to prevent grief in action, whereas admins are concerned with cleaning up grief after the event, and investigating logs of past grief incidents. However, moderators are also able to repair grief should they so wish, and have access to the mod stick for this purpose.

A few moderators have gone on to be promoted to admins. For historical details of moderator and admin promotion dates, see the server timeline.

The Mod's Prayer

Our Admins, which art in MCO,
Hallowed be thy nicks,
Thy coding come,
Thy will be done on MCO, or woe betide us.

Give us this day our daily cake,
And forgive us our missed /gchecks,
As we forgive those who grief against us,
And guide us not in shouting at noobs,

But deliver us from crashes,
For thine is Freedonia,
The power and the glory,
For ever and ever,

Representatives of the Server

"At MinecraftOnline, being a moderator is not a privilege or a reward - it is an important responsibility." - SlowRiot

Becoming a moderator means being entrusted with a special responsibility. Although it is a position with rewards, moderators give up their right to absolute free speech. A moderator is perceived by the players as a representative of the server. To an extent, when a moderator speaks, they speak for the server itself. A moderator's actions and behaviour must be in line with server policy, and their expressed attitudes must reflect official server attitudes.

In the past, several moderators have had their powers removed because they abused them, behaved inappropriately towards players, or engaged in inappropriate self-expression, and were thusly demoted to regular users.

Relationship to donors

Many moderators are also donors, and in those cases their blue names are prefixed with the relevant number and color of stars as usual for a given donor level. Moderators are rewarded for their service with a 25% discount on all donation items and kits.

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