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The World

Latest events

[MCS] Nii joined the game.
[MCS] <Octeight> De que, si hago una construcción ahorita, la podré seguir viendo tal cual en 2040 (?)
[MCS] <*****AiacosMX> algo asi, y mas porque se ha construido por etapas
[MCS] <*****AiacosMX> bueno si sigue vivo el server si XD
[MCS] Nii left the game.
[MCS] <Octeight> Ohhh, ese detalle me gusta :) idk, me hace ilusion jajaja
[MCS] <GANXI69> tienen que arreglar lo del lag
[MCS] <*****AiacosMX> XD
[MCS] <Octeight> Siento que sí ha de tener mucho tiempo el server, es como un "patrimonio" de minecraft
[MCS] <Octeight> Porque literal, servidores de este tipo, survival sin grifier, son contados con los dedos
[MCS] <*****AiacosMX> yep pocos
[MCS] <*****AiacosMX> y lo del lag, lo dudo XD
[MCS] <****mrninjalex> anyone have an infinity & mending bow?
[DSC] <Nii> Los moderadores son muy estrictos con las reglas de no romper bloques. Aunque, por supuesto, es imposible decir cuál será el futuro del servidor, puedo garantizarte que tu construcción no será arruinada por alguien más que la destruya
[MCS] <Aidan> bows can't have infinity and mending
[MCS] <Aidan> only one or the other
[MCS] <*****cnupdates> that's illegal
[MCS] <****mrninjalex> pretty sure some exist
[MCS] <Aidan> i sell both infinity and mending bows at my shop at warp mall, orange floor if you want to look at a variety tho
[MCS] <Aidan> oh you mean as a collectible? yeah there might bes ome

To see recent server events in real-time and chat with players in-game, click here to join IRC or read more about IRC on the wiki.


Getting around the massive world of Freedonia is made easy by a system of warps. Type /listwarps in the game to see the full list. Warps are also shown on the map, under the markers option. To use one, simply type /warp [name].

The current warps, as generated from the server config, are:

Live Map

There is a live, zoomable, textured map of Freedonia, updated in near real time (around a five or ten minute delay, depending on player activity), using the Google Maps API. Both day and night modes are available, and it's possible to share links to individual locations. Warps and player homes are also shown. Dynamic lighting is calculated, and biome colours are extracted from the client data for the map. Try it now!

Below are a few snapshots from random map locations. These change each time this page is refreshed.