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At MinecraftOnline, we make a big deal of treating all our players as adults, and giving them the opportunity to play exactly how they want to. We hope our player base will behave reasonably, and respond to reasoned dialogue with the moderation team.

One Crime

As such, there is really only one rule: no griefing.

Generally, this means "do not break anything anyone else made", but it can also extend to "don’t intentionally spoil anyone else's game experience". For a detailed explanation, see the wiki article on our definition of grief, and "What is Griefing?" in the Moderator Guide.

Aside from griefing, anything else is permitted - if it is not taken to excess.

One Punishment

If a player does not respond to reasoned dialogue - i.e. if a player ignores warnings from moderators - then there is only one punishment: permanent ban.

We do not waste our time playing around with in-game jails, kicks, or temporary bans. As long as you are capable of reasoned discussion, and respect for other players' work, you will not be banned. But if you are not, any ban you incur will be permanent.

You see, we want to treat all players as adults here. We are not interested in educating children, and so we refuse to enter into a parent-child relationship with our players, based around punishment and reward. We respect all players' choice of playing style, unless it interferes with that of other players - in which case, the only logical remedy is permanent exclusion from our community.

Further Reading

For more background on our ideology, read the original Moderator Guide that was written at the founding of the server.

For more information about the details of the MCO rules, see the wiki article on what can get you banned and the Bans page, or read the different pages under the wiki rules category.