Acacia Rails South

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Building Acacia Rails South

The station

Owner LewisD95
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 20m
Size west to east 15m
Height 20m
Coordinates X=-3430
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link

This station, build in late 1.7 in the style of early 1.5, is the connection of the Freedonia Railway System and the private Red and Blue Line of the Acacia Glade. The original plan was to build the FRS straight on through the forrest. Because this was a very expensive and time-consuming project, LewisD95 started negotiations with Mystila, the owner of both the Red and Blue Line. The southern part of the Freedonia Railway Station, between the Acacia Roads and the Borderland with final destination New Louisville, is now planned to go parallel to the Red Line, via the Acacia Glade Station, and will join the FRS near Fortress al Drake. Maybe, when negotiations will be started, the connection wil be provide at the Acacia Road International Station, and so close the southern part of the FRS.

The railway connection to New Louisville and maybe beyond will be provided by AggrievedCanine and LewisD95. These works started in August 2016 and are planned to be completed in November-December 2016. This connection will be called "FRS South", and is built from stone and wood. To provide steel for the rails, some private iron farms are opened. These are not yet available for public use.

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