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Settlement Casa de Austria

View from the Skyroad

Founder Tank_AUT
Contributors xxVegasxx, niepay, Crux_T, Flu123
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes (Great Circle Route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-1920
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NorthernOutpost
Map link

The settlement called Casa de Austria was founded by two Austrian players. When they arrived it was no more than a valley and a mountain overlooking the valley. Today it is a quiet and peaceful town despite its medium distance from spawn. The major sights are the statues of the founders, the harbour-district and the Great Stripmine.


The Community

Since foundation Casa de Austria had quite some increase in population. Beside the two founders there are 3 more citizens and 2 people who have built constructions for the community, but are not living here.

The community is friendly and helpful to visitors and citizens. There are also some public facilities like the public farms (mostly sugar cane and cactus) or the public mob farm which can be configured for personal needs.

The St Peter's Basilica

When the two founders started the settlement they had a plan. They wanted to build the St Peter's Basilica in Rome. After some calculations they came to the conclusion they need to dig a giant hole to the bedrock to fit it in properly. This hole is known as the Great Stripmine to this day. The progress of the digout is at 100% (state: 3.5.2015). Later, the St Peter's Basilica was given to Zomon333 by SlowRiot. As of 3.5.2015 , The St Peters Basilica still remains in Zomon333 's possesion.

The Great Stripmine in progress (30.4.2011)

The Canal District

The canal district is an area of land terraformed by Crux_T which occupies both sides of the canal which the district is named after. The small island is home to two residents, Crux_T (citizen) and KingofCheeseland (secondary home). The actual boss of the Canal District is Crux_T which also provided several communal buildings, like the Bridge that spans over the canal.

The canal was started on 20th of April by Tank_AUT. It was created to provide access to the sea from the harbour, as one side faces inland. Others who helped in its construction were xxVegasxx and Crux_T.

The Minecart Transportation system

Based on a desire Crux_T had to improve the town, this was the result, a transportation system to get to various places around the town. From the central hub, Players can get a minecart on the three completed lines, either to "Pit" (The site of St Peter's Basilica construction site), to the "Island" (More info below) or to "Canal" (which goes to the canal district link station, which will eventually have a line running to the Project Anubis: East Nexus).

Each line has 2 tracks, labelled at the stations as Send and Receive.

The main engineer is Crux_T, although the main donator of resources and technical knowledge is Kingofcheeseland. Tank_AUT and Lacrosse1991 also donated some iron and or gold.

In future a line running down to the bottom of the Pit when it is completed will be made allowing swift access for materials down to the site of the construction site (via storage minecarts).

Minecart Transportation system Trivia: XXVegasXX built the Main hub, with help from Tank_AUT and Crux_T. Crux_T built the canal district link station. Crux_T and KingofCheeseLand built the first line to the Main Hub (From the Canal to the main hub and vice versa)and then the line to the pit. Crux_T finished the line to the island (06/05/11)

"The Island"

Originally just an ordinary island, this area of land was claimed by Tank_AUT by placing a flag at the highest point.

It is now under a period of intense terraforming by Crux_T, the first person to build an actual building on the island. The main plateau now has staircase so you can reach it from the ground and has been widened extensively and roads have been put in so others may build upon it.

Main features: The Pinnacle: Reachable by walking up a small flight of steps from the main level of the plateau. This is the site of the Flag which Tank_AUT placed, therefore claiming the island.

The Main Plateau: Reachable by walking up a big flight of steps, this cobblestone paved area of land has been extensively widened by Crux_T.

The Lowlands: Below the plateau is an area of lush, grass filled land which slopes gently into the sea. This area has yet to see any human construction. This area has been mined in certain places for resources although these are well hidden.

The Serpentine Cliffs: A series of perfectly flat cliffs winding around the Northwest corner of the Island, Crux_T named them after a group of reptilians, the Snakes. They are a Natural wonder and are not to be mined.

Mentionable Sights

There are some buildings worth visiting, when you come to Casa de Austria. These are:

  • The Harbour and the Lighthouse
  • The foundation statues (which are accessible)
  • The Tetris sculpture


  • After a mining expedition Tank_AUT and niepay decided to pave the streets with the lapis lazuli they found. Today the majority of all roads in Casa the Austria are paved with lapis.

Industrial Quarter

When the pistons were introduced in Freedonia, it was time to build an industrial quarter in Casa de Austria. It consists of a piston-automated tree harvester, Tank_AUTs cobblefactroy and some secret projects.

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