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Building Eclipse

The eclipse, currently under construction

Owner Skylord8
Contributors ardoom1 bakura2010
Category Ships
Underground? no
Public? no (possible after completion)
Started 12th May 2011
Completed incomplete
Size north to south 75m
Size west to east 25m
Coordinates X=563
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NewAtlanta
Map link

The eclipse is a starship which is being created as a living area for Skylord8, ardoom1 and bakura2010 and is also an attraction in Freedonia. It is a mega structure and is planned to take about 2 months to complete.

It is based of a modern aricraft carrier, but shall be recreated to look space designed. It shall consist of a take off deck, a hangar, and the control tower which shall consist of living quarters and a control station. The engine room is planned to have a mimic of a stardrive.

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