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Building Giant Cookie
Owner Machines_Are_Us
Contributors KingOfCheeseLand, Stanman_dude , FlyingJellyfish, nosefish, andreydio, xanderstrike, simdwhickman, bubba_basti
Category Statues
Underground? No, it would get dirty
Public? Unknown
Size north to south 102m
Size west to east 102m
Coordinates X=1648
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NewAtlanta
Map link Machines_Are_Us was bored. He wanted to build something epic. He was also probably hungry. He decided to make a Giant Cake.

He then discovered that such a thing existed and decided to make a Giant Cookie instead.

Early Stages

The Cookie was not the first project intended for the space it now occupies. Machines originally wanted to create a giant picture, prior to the 1.7 update, and before the horror that was 'Shears' was born. While this may seem irrelevant, he feels it necessary to mention because he had a lot of help in preparing the area by various users in digging out the area, who shall all be mentioned at the end.

Machines had decided to build a cookie instead, and his good friend KingOfCheeseLand showed interest in joining him. While Machines decided to make a 100x100 circle using a minecraft design program, Cheese began the irksome task of dying sheep orange and robbing them of their fleeces. When Machines had the good sense to realise he was too tired to think straight, he asked Lothendal to help discover why it would not fit inside the boundaries. It was then discovered that due to the lack of real "circles" in Minecraft, the program included an extra central block which just about pushed it over the limit. So the cookie was reduced to a diameter of 98 blocks.

The Beginning (Kind of).

The Grand Baking

The rest of the project was pretty straight forward albeit, tedious. Machines built the cookie while Cheese made orange dye, and sheared the sheep. Machines occasionally helped out with the wool, by either dying/shearing, or through purchasing it from other users, but the vast majority of the wool was supplied through the efforts of KingofCheeseLand.

The cookie soon began to take shape and when at long last it was completed, the task of including the chocolate chips commenced. Machines bought 2 stacks of cocoa beans from a shop and tried out several sizes before deciding upon making them large and fewer in nature. He also ran out of brown wool halfway through. Thanks to a generous donation from a God Donor, Machines had enough brown wool to finish the project and was delighted to show everyone what had been accomplished.

Progress Is Made.

A Special Thanks To

  • KingOfCheeseLand - For contributing to at least 70% of the wool involved in making it, as well as flattening the area out, and posting signs up.
  • Stanman_dude - For an insane amount of digging as well as contributing dye.
  • FlyingJellyfish - For also digging a great deal.
  • nosefish - Donating Dirt to level out the area.
  • winx51 - Although it was no longer needed, she generously offered to supply materials.
  • andreydio - For donating a lot of wool and dye.
  • xanderstrike - For donating half the brown wool required.
  • simdwhickman - For helping with dye.
  • bubba_basti - Removing trees in the area.

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