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User winx51

The Pinkthusiast

Known as winx, wonx, pinx, jinx, lynx, sphynx, thinx, sinx (Most of which are racist)
Gender Female
Location 'Merica
DOB 23 March
In Freedonia
First joined 26 June 2011
First building A small wooden hut on a beach near hellstar bridge
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
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" TheMightyCheeze: Prepare yourselves, Pink wool will be EVERYWHERE."


General Information

Founder of the PSPA, member of Glen Team, builder of cuboid houses, n00b towers, and the beautiful park and school in Glenfiddich. Loves pigs and everything pink and boasts exceptional navigational skills. Tends to be a crazy, spasmodic person, and can normally be found jumping around spawn (she is probably on Teamspeak!) Winx plays(mainly)the flute and the piccolo.She enjoys anything that has to do with music. Sometimes you may hear her playing on teamspeak whenever she feels the moment is right(or she's just bored out of her mind). One of her very favorite projects to make was the Glenfiddich Performing Arts Center! She is also the proud owner of a noob town, in which many people come from far and wide to build nooby structures.


"I bleed pink." winx51

  • Pink Wool
  • Glen Team
  • Minecraft
  • Band :D
  • Talking on Teamspeak
  • Making MC YouTube videos
  • snikeren -Rumour has it they're married.
  • Her many MCO friends ^_^
  • Employing crazyrecieve as a slave on a daily basis
  • Stories about when people first joined the server :3



  • People that hate pink
winx51 on her pink n00b tower

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