Ginza Tunnel

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Building Ginza Tunnel
Owner hprick. IvanLeshev
Contributors IvanLeshev, NHC_THK, BenjaminBsuper, mk59apr, hprick
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started Probably 5 September 2017
Completed 9 September 2017
Size north to south Around 200m
Size west to east 7m
Height 7m
Coordinates X=-2926
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp AmpCity
Map link

Ginza Tunnel was builded by IvanLeshev and hprick to cut time of Route BenEm (the boat route to KSCity, Tussenstad, BenjaminStad and Isfiskholt.


Ginza Tunnel started as 4x4 hole created by hprick, which very slowly been expanding. That was true, until IvanLeshev came to help him. As he been with insane passion, he quickly mined out most of 4x4 hole. Next day, and Ivan sees that tunnel is slowly expanding. He mined out expansion, and, on next day, he meets hprick on tunnel. They quickly did last expansion and started to decorate walls. hprick, IvanLeshev, NHC_THK, BenjaminBsuper and mk59apr supplied materials for wall decoration. And, another day, tunnel is almost finished. Last thing remained to do - put water into it. IvanLeshev and hprick quickly filled up tunnel with water and exited it in proud look. A few days after, hprick gave IvanLeshev official shared ownership.

Ginza Tunnel is decorated with a red-cyan-white flag, which are the colors of the flag of BenjaminStad and BenEm. A short distance away is Ginza's twin tunnel, Tavernia Tunnel. Both tunnels are lighted with redstone torches to give it a nice dark underground feel. Although it is a bit further away, the third aquatic underground tunnel by hprick and IvanLeshev, Gotthard Tunnel, could be considered a brother of Ginza too.


  • IvanLeshev for doing most of work and supplying materials
  • hprick for doing most of work and supplying materials
  • NHC_THK for supplying materials
  • BenjaminBsuper for supplying materials
  • mk59apr for supplying materials

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