Happy Birthday Note Block

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green_attractions.png Happy Birthday Note Block

View near the note block!

Owner getplayerhead.sh?NHC_THK&16.png NHC_THK
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 4 August 2017
Completed 4 August 2017
Size north to south 14m
Size west to east 14m
Height 14m
Coordinates X=-3061
Dimension Overworld
Map link


General Information


When getplayerhead.sh?NHC_THK&16.png NHC_THK saw the cake built by getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 and getplayerhead.sh?Bowbyslag&16.png Bowbyslag, i think i should build something for he server too. So i have built a note block music for the 7th years old birthday for server! I original want to make another cake, but no. This is copy cat, so i have made a new thing - note block song!

What it plays?

It plays the "Happy Birthday" Song! Quite laggy, thanks to the server.

How do you get there?

There are a few ways to go there, you can go there using the nexus: Using the Nexus from spawn :

Using the warp, Vizima Just walk a few 1000 blocks, it's fine.

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