Isle of Muu

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Settlement Isle of Muu
Founder AgentMuu
Contributors lacrosse1991, Krenath, shypixel, many others
Category Attractions
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=4036
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Caverns
Map link


The Isle

When AgentMuu arrived on the desolate, snowy island in southwest Freedonia, he fell in love with its snowy yet varied landscape and decided to permanently establish himself there. Muu's base is located beneath a large fishbone-shaped dome - the only aspect remaining of Muu's old compound, a humble, brightly decorated abode that branched into high-efficiency versions of every mob grinder and resource generator possible on the server. Weeks before being promoted to Admin, Muu went insane and demolished everything inside, carving the space into a 70m tall iron-and-lapis shell (paid for with proceeds from contracted player statues) with command-controlled lighting and an illuminated ice/bedrock floor.


Originally planning to fill the island with spheres of every color, AgentMuu decided on a whim to build a statue of himself, leading to a series of statues depicting the server's Admins. These statues are a fast-rising tourist attraction in Freedonia and a popular destination for passengers on the Freedonia Railway. All of AgentMuu's statues follow a general rule in terms of being expressive and unique, rather than just Flippeh clones. Muu has made a hobby of mercilessly editing, decorating and accessorizing Flippeh's statue at Spawn numerous times, prompting other users to do the same (see Acsidol and Krenath's Pirate Flippeh).

The Crevasse

AgentMuu is hard at work developing Freedonia's last true frontier: The End! This dangerous and exciting megaproject will open to public building pending technical upgrades to Freedonia's infrastructure. Searching the Ice Crevasse may lead you on the right path...

Getting There

From Spawn Station, take the Lavatown Line (South), use "/st lavatown" to disembark and transfer to the Isle of Muu. Coming soon: "/st isleofmuu"! Or you can use the Nexus system and go to Orange Nexus Hub 2.


Evolution over two years

Map view on 4 May 2011
Map view on 13 May 2013

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