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Organisations Mica Corporation
Leadership getplayerhead.sh?Puppier&16.png Puppier, getplayerhead.sh?DoodleBlu&16.png DoodleBlu
Headquarters Autumnwood
Founded March 2012
Public? Growing

Mica Corporation's is a corporation whose goal is to provide entertainment for Freedonian citizens. Our goal is to build a series of quests for users to accomplish along with building conventional mini-games and utilities.


Our Plans

Although currently focusing on building our headquarters in Autumnwood right off of the Aeginus Boat Routes. But we plan to expand greatly into Minecraft Online.



Mica Corporation Cobblestone Generator v0.1

A cobblestone generator designed to provide Mica Corporation staff with cobblestone necessary to build the HQ. It is publicly available. In the future we plan to make more Cobblestone Generators around Freedonia. Staff:

  • Puppier-Builder

Mica Corp HQ

In the small town of Autumnwood in a lake just off of the Aeginus boat route there is a tower containing the small Mica Corporation HQ. It contains a quest board and the offices of the Head Director and Head Administrator. Staff have access to a special part of the HQ restricted to staff only that contains their offices and a mine. The HQ is staffed by all the staff.

In Progress

Epic Quest

Epic quest will be a series of riddles and landmarks that will lead the players to the final chamber. This is planned to be our pilot product and we hope that it will bring Mica Corporation into many players lives. The quest will not have a reward at the end but will contain monumental architecture. Staff:

  • Puppier
  • DoodleBlu
  • crystalriver

Mica Farms

Mica Farms will serve as an mob supply center for Freedonian shops. It will be stocked via mob spawners and contain various mobs at all times in order to meet the demand of Freedonia's large population. Staff:

  • Puppier
  • Ted1246



Servest will be a quest similar to Epic Quest but will take users across Freedonia to see many of the famous Buildings.

Mica Mall

Mica Corporation plans to eventually open a mall that, unlike current malls, will work on a constant currency and shop owners will exchange the currency for what they wish.

Mica Dome

The Mica Dome will contain many different arenas from spleef to PvP.



If you wish to apply for a staff position contact Puppier.


  • Director: A leader of Mica Corporation. Directors have full authority over Mica Corporation builds. Head of Construction.
  • Designer: The job of a designer is to help plan Mica builds.
  • Curator: A curator's job is to help keep Mica builds in prime condition.
  • Craftsmen: A craftsmen supplies Mica with tools necessary to complete jobs.
  • Builder: When a build location is prepared, a builders begin building the build. In many cases they are also members of the Prep Team.
  • Prep Team: Prepares build locations by clearing land, building foundations, etc.


  • Administrator: A leader of Mica Corporation. Administrators jobs are to manage Mica Corporation funds and they manage staff training and hiring. Head of management.
  • Ambassador: A diplomat for Mica Corporation. Ambassadors frequently are tasked with obtaining assistance from non-mica players regarding builds and hiring. They also help promote Mica Corporation.
  • Manager: Managers are appointed to certain Mica Corporation offices or build sites to manage the location.
  • Bookman: A bookman serves as an accountant for mica, keeping track of supplies and deploying supplies to needed locations.
  • Retriever: Mines and gathers resources for mica.

Staff Rules

Staff members have access to all parts of Mica Corporation facilities. They may break certain blocks to access certain areas or access chests. If a staff member checks something out of a storage facility they must make note of it on the note board. Once an Administrator or Bookman records the checkout (In a seperate location) the sign they used will be removed. Staff members may not use the items in storage for personal reasons unless directed to. They may use items to replenish their tools. No members of Mica may break any blocks placed by other Mica employees unless previously noted by or directed to do so by a Director, Administrator or Manager. Although this will not be considered griefing, repeated instances will be reported.

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