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User 1Posa1

Uhh Rainbow, I dunno?

Known as Posa
Gender Male
Location Making roads in nether
Nationality USA?
DOB N/A posa is god so hes infinite INFINITY
In Freedonia
Donor level * Donated
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I don't know much about Posa, he's my friend and all but I can't say much about him other then he's the nicest player on the server and will always have your back if your his friend! SnapJaw [redacted]

i thought posa was like owner or JSodil

1posa1 is a saint of MCO, he gives diamonds at random, keeps the server clean from darkies, and makes sure that the filthy blues do not replace him. The 1st Grand Wizard of the MCO KKK and strongest worshiper of the white-named gods. 1posa1 is the nicest player with a 10 diamond block bounty on his head!



There is not much known about 1posa1's past, however, he first joined the server on January 12th, 2018, and founded the New American Empire in his early days to build roads around the server. other than that he liked to cause a ruckus by citing AFQT racial IQ statistics, Transexual suicide rate, the AIDS epidemic in the homosexual population, FBI crime rate by race, and crime rate by immigration status. Along with this, he liked to collect books and reputation cookies from around the server, and rare items, which he showed in his museum. At his peak, he had a slow riot head and a spawn egg along with several other rare items from around the server. Posa also wasn’t one of the Friendlier players. For some, Posa was a player with a “reputation”. He griefed and messed and killed other players constantly. Being one of the servers larger nuisances. For others, such as Raflamar, he was actually pretty decent. Showing him around a few places, revealing his Spawn Library, messing with Snakyman on a few occasions and even almost succeeded in recruiting Raflamar into the KKK. An act that helped only White Named Players. But Raflamar turned it down. He also built many large projects in various parts of the world. Many of which, upon his ban, have been lost to time. Seeing as how many of them are hidden around the world. Ranging from underground structures to private vaults that have been said to contain many treasures of the servers history. Two of these locations include, but are not limited to, a Notre Dame built on top of the Nether, accessed originally by glitch, but later by sign elevator. Another is the Great Library. A massive construction built at bedrock beneath spawn, where it is rumoured that the admins and mods only allowed it to exist because of how stunning it was. This was also one of this many Vaults, containing books signed by legendary players.


Due to a mod-mix up where the NAE embassy at Snaketown was removed on the same day of him looting Snaketown's iron farm, and a mod not noticing the change, he got banned after breaking wool above a chest in the iron farm. The second time he was caught griefing, and was swiftly banned to the delight of some. 1posa1 was banned again on July 16, 2019. This was because he was found guilty of griefing when an admin inspected some of the islands he made to suposidly block expansions of towns


When 1posa1 was unbanned after a successful appeal in IRC

However, after an 8 day appeal process, on July 26, 2019, 1posa1 was banned forever. Leaving many of his secrets to become impossible to locate.



1posa1's main settlement. Freerdonia's major difference from other towns is it's setting in the sky, having a large castle in it's center. Major builds of this town are: Freerdonia Museum, Death of Medusa Statue, and a large water fountain with a creeper statue under it, Castle and many farms. Freerdonia's another difference from other towns is it's independent farms, which are functional, making Freerdonia a self-sustainable town. Finally, its centrality in the map is useful as it can act as a central spoke of the NAE road network

NAE Nether Highway System

It is a wide network of tunnels, connecting NAE locations with a central hub at Freerdonia. It has a tunnels from Spawn, to Freerdonia to every single NAE town and more!

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