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User snakyman

robot derp fire/ice thing

Known as snaky, snak, snek, snake, snakyman, snak cakes, snak food, sanky, sank, snakyboi and snakymom/spankymom (joking)
Gender Male
Location USA (New York City)
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 21 October 2017
First building Snaketown
Donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics 1Posa1: "Snak you are a liar" BenjaminBsuper: "Sanky only bites when he’s hungry" snakyman is a player on MinecraftOnline who owns/manages the towns Snaketown and New Snak City. He is a student in high school.



There are many builds I have worked on. i will try to list them all here but there may be too many to count.


  • Big houses
  • Auto farms
  • The fact that pee is stored in the balls
  • Memes
  • Birch Wood
  • Tacos
  • Editing the wiki
  • Helping players
  • Changing his friend's account/alt's name (is currently GAY_WEED_DAD_69_)


  • Trolls
  • Griefers
  • Bricks
  • My Unfinished builds
  • When people call Snaketown "Snakytown"
  • api448 and lemons222 and all alts.

People You Will See snakyman with

There are more people, but I do not feel like listing them now sorry

Favorite Quotes BenjaminBsuper: "It’s shatlantis, what did you expect? Lol"
—— bawestman: "ashlee don’t break other players blocks that is griefing" bawestman: "do you understand ashlee?" AshleeMoody: "No"
—— witchy1000: "Maybe mom snaky is going to make you eat your broccoli and spank you if you are naughty" snakyman: "snakymom doesn't kidnap kids but she does spank bad children even if their asses are sweaty" witchy1000: "Ben, make your bed before snakyman becomes spankymom >.>"

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