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This is Feb1980, and Feb1980 is he. Here is info about him, have a read about.

User feb1980


Known as feb, febby, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeb, Drac, "The Silent One" (Nickname possibly no longer in use)
Gender Male
Location [Insert small community's name in Piney Woods Region], Texas
Nationality 'Merican
DOB 13 April 1998
Occupation (formerly) Online College Student
In Freedonia
First joined 12 May 2013
First building Hole-in-the-Ground, Feb's Isles-under-the-Skyles (Feb Isles/Skyles)
Donor level ** Stone
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About him

Feb1980 is a kind player often found looking after his island (Feb Isles) or his sky islands (Feb Skyles), visiting his McO friends, and just generally wandering about the world of Freedonia.

If he isn't online on MCO, he is found on Discord under the name "DraconusTempus" ("feb1980" on the MCO Discord server), or playing one of few games (Minecraft (on SP or another server), TF2, GMod, Terraria, Starbound, or one of a few other games he has), or is poking about with language stuff, which is quite possible why his speech had changed a tad bit, such as his use of "ye", "grazie", and a few other words that he might use when the right time for them comes about. In MC (or any other game that has a death mechanic in it that he plays), if ye hear him say "BONSAI!", better watch yerself, as death (ingame) might be bound after that final word.


Either for new survival server to play on due to one he played on was closed down, or for an extra server of choice to play on, he first joined MinecraftOnline on 12th of May, 2013. That same day, he destroyed a crafting table, which received him a warning (from Excalibur_NUMNUM) as it wasn't his. Some time after receiving the warning, he set out to find/make a base, which became what is now the Hole-in-Ground, Feb's Isles-under-the-Skyles.

Becoming Mod

On April 22nd, 2015 (according to the Timeline), feb1980 had became mod on MCO. Via IRC, SlowRiot had came on and had seemingly at random asked him a question relating to what he (feb) had ate that morning. After giving an answer, he saw his name was blue, and, for a moment, had oddly thought it must've been a late April Fools joke, though he didn't say anything about the thought. After a couple minutes, though, he realized that it was no late April Fools joke. However, due to something happening in December of 2017, he had been demoted to regular player, though not too bothered at being a regular player again.

What he likes

  • Learning/Trying to Learn Languages. (Mainly European-based ones, though with some exception (looks mostly at Tibetan, Turkish, and Mongolian))
  • Mainly American and European History.
  • People who aren't disrespectful.
  • Playing games. (Often: Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, and a few others.(Most of his games are Survival and/or Sandbox based))
  • Listening to music.
  • Sometimes talking to people.
  • Green, Red, and Blue.
  • Pizza and Pasta.

What he dislikes

  • Rudeness.
  • Those who break rules.
  • People who become annoyances.

Stuff he worked on:

Extra things

He has both a YouTube account and Twitter account. Though he doesn't upload often on either, the links can be found here:
He also has a Steam account, which can be located via the following link:

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